Whatever happened to the mute button??

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Hello, this is my first post around here so I'm not entirely sure if this is the optimal place to ask, apologies if it isn't. Anyway, why did you take that button from us?? I congratulate you guys for the enjoyable new features you've given us recently, which I rather like, and thank you deeply for all of your effort, love and dedication. I really really do. But why remove one of the-no, the most important feature in the game? Every time baguettes, tacos, borscht, etc. started screeching at each other, and hot dogs defecated vitriol all over in response, I just went to the main menu to easily solve the problem, but now what am I supposed to do? Is that option gone, or am I just going that insane already?


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    Oh. Thanks a lot. I still miss the far more practical option from before, but at least there's hope now. Guess I'll be posting in the suggestions section soon.
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    Yeah, it was removed to make room for the call vote button. That was poor decision as you can't mute people in spectators or if the list becomes too large on the scoreboard. You can access the mute menu from the console for the time being by entering "gamemenucommand_pvk2 openplayerlistdialog" without quotes.



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    Great, thanks. Hope these tricks help everyone else while an update comes in. I'm actually surprised nobody asked before.
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