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Blow the horn! Put the power in your hands!

Its a Friday night. You're playing some PVKII, but you want something more. You want more people to join your game, and you want to take your match to the next level. 

PVKII Devs, Testers, and Creators would be happy to join! There may be one Dev and a few testers, or there may be all testers. We'd be happy to hop in, have a bloody good time, and answer any questions you may have. There may also be some Fridays where no one can join, just because the stars haven't aligned. But for the most part, we'd love to COME OUT & PLAY, even if occasionally. We do have a game to develop after all, oh and lives too I guess.  

Timing for these occasional events will be spontaneous, so JOIN OUR OFFICIAL GROUP and watch for "HAPPENING NOW!" STEAM EVENT NOTIFICATIONS for event and server info. 

Let us know in this forum thread or in our Steam Discussion thread, if you'd like some of us to COME OUT & PLAY. The earlier in the week you let us know the better, and we'll try to make it out!

Join the conversation on the official PVKII Discord! Interact with devs, testers and creators!

Follow us on Trello for the latest development buzz, and as always, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

Let the mayhem begin!


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