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This game has been in my favorites ever since I have found it. From the days of playing this game in the High School computer lab to today, E-Generation (a gaming group) in my Grad University, never discovered a moment where this game has disappointed me. I love the community, the devs and I will be with this game until its downfall (Though I doubt that is ever happening). So please tell me your memories or a genuine moment with this game :)
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Archer should have been a pirate.


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    We're the little mod that could. The game that won't die. Blood, sweat, and tears we get through and somehow survive YARRRRRR!


    Good to see you in the community still littlebirdy! Kill you later. 

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    How could I ever leave such a great community? My grad work and then the actual work keeps me away from this forum otherwise I would be here forever. 

    And I think killed you more, remember that bt_island match where I was dominating you...Heheheheh!! Like silly Landlubber.
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    Archer should have been a pirate.
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