Why everyone should aspire..

TschoppoTschoppo the choppin´Senior
Howdy fellas!
I wrote an article on how creative projects shaped my life and so I
just realised that the PVK-dev team was a pretty important station of my life.
I miss you sometimes.

 Thanks and Kisses- Tschopps



  • CrazytalkCrazytalk Terminator PVKII Team
    Well said  B)

    It's amazing how much more we notice around us when we look through the eyes of creativity.


  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
    edited March 2018
    Tee sha poe !!! Good man.

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  • MomoMomo Land Lubber! PVKII Team
    That was a genuinely wonderful read, thank you for sharing it with us.
  • Very nice read. Thank you for your service!
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    Archer should have been a pirate.
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