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i was playing cs source when i noticed my choke was ridiculously high

it was at anywhere from 5-10 normally and during shootouts and stuff itd go up to 50 or even higher

so i typed cl_updaterate 20 in console and it went down now its at 1-3 on average

i was wondering if thats bad? will that fuck up my gameplay? and what is you guys' cl_update set at? and have you set cmd_rate to a different level too?

im gonna find out my specs soon to post them too

edit: here are my system specs:

OS: windows XP professional
processor: AMD athlon XP 3000+, MMX, 3D Now, ~2.1 GHZ
memory: 1024 MB ram
display name: RADEON X800 Pro
sound: realtek AC97 5.1 surround
Motherboard: MSI k7 mainboard, K7N2 Delta2
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