Noblemen of Penisland

Raptor JesusRaptor Jesus Beta Tester
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Anyone lookin for a clan to join? One that doesn't take anything serious, constantly messing around, with each other, and others? One that does shirleyty strats like wolfpack or toe-pack? Well look no further! We Noblemen of Penisland constantly mess around on PVK2, and a few other games, and we'd love to have some more cool losers to join us! If you're looking to join, send me a message on here, steam (Raptor Jesus), or in PVK2 (usually on Slammin Butt Pirates). We've got a discord, someone is usually always on too!


  • HologramHologram Senior
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    My quality of life has increased tenfold since rising to nobility. If you're looking for a laid back group of losers cool guys you've come to the right place.
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