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I really enjoy this mod and I started thinking of Class suggestions and here they are:


- Bounty Hunter:

The Bounty Hunter is a Stealth based class that focuses on Fully Charged attacks from behind.

Base Character Stats:
HP: 100
Armor: 50
Speed: Moderate, Almost as fast as a Captain


Slot 1 - Curved Blade/Sickle:


Damage: 10 - 25
Damage Type: Sharp
Range: About as much as the Huscarl, Gestir, or Heavy Knight's Sword and Shield
Attacks: 3 Different ways to Attack
Blocking: Yes, Able to Perfect Parry

Slot 2 - Throwing Knives:


Damage: 5 - 15 Low Charged 26 if Fully Charged 50 on Headshot
Damage Type: Sharp
Range: Able to be thrown very far, About as far a fully charged Throwing Ax or Javelin
Attack: Attacks by Throwing one of the Knives Overhead
Blocking: No
Ammo: On Spawn: 5 Upon Ammo Pick-Up: 10
Special: Takes out 5 Knives and throws them at once, Does more damage then basic throw, Chargeable.

Slot 3 - Dagger


Damage: 5 - 20 35 if Back-Stabbed
Damage Type: Sharp
Range: Low, Slightly farther than the Sharpshooter's Knife
Attack: 6 different ways to attack + 1 Backstab Animation.
Blocking: Yes, Does not reduce much damage, unable to Perfect Parry


~ Squire:

A more upfront Melee class that is a more Hit-n-run focused.

HP: 150
Speed: About as fast as a Archer.

Slot 1- Messer (German for Knife)

Damage: 15 - 40
Damage Type: Sharp
Range: Same as Archer's Shortsword
Attack: 4 different ways
Blocking: Yes, Able to perfect parry.

Slot 2 - Sling

Damage: 5 - 30 50 on Headshot
Damage Type: Blunt
Range: Low but still effective
Attack: Attacks by putting a sharp rock in the Leather of the sling.
Blocking: No
Ammo: On Spawn: 15 Rocks Upon Ammo Pick-Up: 30 Rocks
Special: Puts a medieval grenade in the leather of the string that instead of blowing up enemies, it will instead light them on fire. If it hits the ground it will put oil and fire on the ground, the Oil is able to lighted by the Archer's Special.

Slot 3 - N/A

~ Vikings:

Atgeir Viking (couldn't think of a name):

A Frankish soldier that Wields a Atgeir.

Slot 1 - Atgeir (Or Viking Halbred)

Damage: 20 - 45
Damage Type: Sharp
Range: Long
Attacks: 5 different attacks, Mostly attacks by slashing
Blocking: Yes, Able to perfect parry

Slot 2- Short Sword and Kite Shield

Pretty much the same as the Huscarl's

Slot 3- Short throwing blades

Damage: 10 - 30 50 on Headshot
Damage Type: Sharp
Range: Moderate
Attack: Unseathes one of the blades from belt then procedes to throw it Underhand.
Blocking: Yes, can not Perfect Parry, Does not stun Enemy
Special: The Viking will take out a unlit torch and light it then heat up the blade and throw it at the enemy, If you take to long to throw the sword will (unrealisticly) melt.

Type what you think in the comment section!
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  • El NegroEl Negro The Genuinely Only Sane Person Guests
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    We already got a stealth-based Pirate planned out, the Freebooter/Swashbuckler/Smuggler.

    I don't get the Squire, you seem to want him to be some kind of "other archer" except with a somewhat slightly stronger lil' sword and just a plain sling, nothing else.
    As a matter of fact, a real Squire just doesn't seem to be worth it for PVKII, even if by making him be a support class only for the Heavy Knight and any other Knight-based classes (like the Lord) it would overcomplicate the game.

    I like the idea of a Viking using an Atgeir, we got the Man-At-Arms' Halberd that doesn't seem to work as any kind of unique weapon (And honestly, his weapon should be stronger, slower and with more reach than the HK's Two-Hander), making a viking with the Atgeir that has its own unique moves COULD work, but I'm not too sure, it would probably be compared to the MAA's Halberd and Gestir's Spear.
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  • AGSMAAGSMA The Antichrist has Resurrected PVKII Team, Beta Tester
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    I like the Bounty Hunter idea, however I find his arsenal to be weak, even though he's meant to be a stealth class. Atgeir Viking is also a pretty good one, though I'm not sure if it would fit under Jarl's theme, which is, alongside Seio-Kona, the only remaining Viking classes to be worked on. Squire looks pretty barebones imo.


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    Thank you for the Replies, and yeah I looked over the Squire and realized how stupid it was with it like Overlord said, was pretty much another Archer.
    The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest fear is fear of the unknown.

    - H.P. Lovecraft
  • BeroxardasBeroxardas Beta Tester, Senior
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    If PVKII ever* gets a stealth class I hope it will be able to one-hit enemies by backstabbing. To balance it, after one hit assasing hsould be pushing up the daises. Great assasin class solution worked out in dark messiash multiplayer and I can tell by playing it for many hours- this system was balanced. The invisibility cloak system was perfect there.
    Hell, this was actually the best multiplayer I have ever played. I love you pvkii, but I`m only here because it died.

    *In upcoming 20 years of next 3 updates
    I`m really sorry for my bad English. I`m not a native speaker.
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