Cain & Buttgun's Escapade

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It was a long and hard day, Cainsith had just finished killing off the whole Viking's team, along with most of the pirate's team. There was one who Cain didn't dare touch. That person was Buttgun, a Viking. Cain had been watching Buttgun's thicc rear jiggle throughout most of the battle, almost getting him killed on more than one occasion. Cain didn't just enjoy Butt's large posterior, he even had feelings for Butt, but he'd never truly show it, except for today! Today was the day Cain would admit his love for Buttgun. He trudged through the neutral zone, where he could see Butt's thick rear sway as they were idling by. What Cain didn't know was that Butt had feelings for Cain as well.

'Alright, big guy, just go up to 'em, tell them you love them...if they refuse, no harm.' Cain repeated to himself. As he walked up to Butt. He quickened his pace, thinking Butt would simply deny him. As he was walking towards Butt, he started getting hard, from looking at Buttgun's beautiful rear. The way it hugged their clothing drove him mad with lust, that he didn't realize his large, throbbing meat pole inserted itself between Buttgun's cheeks (which were soft to the touch as well).

Buttgun gasped, looking behind them, cherry red in the face, seeing Cain tremble with his hard on between their bottom jugs. "W-woops, HAHAHA-OhGodI'msosorry,Ishouldn'thavedonethisI'm-" Buttgun squeezed their heavenly rear together, tightening around Cain's large member, making Cain let out a groan of acceptance.

Buttgun turned around, not facing Cain, "You know....I always felt you had a thing for me...well.....go ahead, go wild, big boy." The way Butt had gave permission to Cain to "go wild" brought out something in Cain. Cain lost control as he smacked Butt's ass together even tighter, making Butt jump with pleasure and pain, as he started thrusting madly, slapping his super boner, which grew three times it's size, against the soft pillows Butt had....for a butt.

Before they realized it, they were having hardcore butt fun, and Cain couldn't be happier. Their primal, ball-slapping sex could be heard throughout the whole commandeer tent they resided in. Cain roared a mighty roar, as he filled Butt's butt with his thick, gooey love. Rope after rope jetted itself out of his shiny, pink helmet, filling Butt's rear.

Cain and Buttgun laid together, shirtless, as Butt laid against Cain's big, hairy, muscly pecs. "Oh, Cain, I didn't know you were so thorough~." They lied against a pile of hay, sweaty and happy, as they dozed off."

As they did this, one of the other people walked into the tent. A young man, that will remember this encounter for as long as he lives. They called him Dignitias.


{The End}


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