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So i've been enjoying the game for a while now and i took a peek at the planned classes on wiki and trello. Just thought i share my thoughts.
And here are my suggestions for the classes:


IMO which may not be relevant assasin/stealth class for knights is a big no. I do not see any corelation with assasins and knights, and it feels like homage to Assasin's Creed than anything else.

Man-at-arms => Mercenary - Would like to suggest replacing the frenchman with a "mercenary". He would have similar (or same armor), but would be equipped with
a crossbow, a pavise shield that he can set as cover (for him or teammates) and a sword/club sidearm. (so yeah basicaly frenchman with pavise shield instead of halberd) Art below
*edit: Giving the mercenary 2 shields - a pavise shield which slows down the user when held in hand and even more when holding block (easy target for fast attacks from rear)
and the buckler. This keeps him the most equiped man on the knights but without the op reach.

Man-at-arms => Fanatic/Vanguard - Would also suggest implementing a unit with a halberd and a sidearm sword and no shield inspired by the vanguard from the game Chivalry. Special move would be the current heavy knight's special move but with a halberd. He can have a personality of a pumped fanatic that recieves additional bonus from priest?

Heavy - Would like to suggest giving the heavy knight the ability to switch grips on his 2 handed sword - from grip from the hilt to a half swording grip with different stab attacks (like gestir) that have less reach, greater speeds and lower damage. Art below
As a sidearm, would suggest giving the knight a flail. Special attack - swinging the flail above the head for 20 sec and clicking to swing at an oponent dealing damage and stun, being able to hold up the shield and block while doing so at the cost of moving slower.

Archer - pure aesthetic changes. Would suggest suit that looks more like a uniform, with a chain hood.

Love that throwable weapons are recoverable, but do not know why they can't be thrown with a shield equipped. May be unbalanced but I'm sure it's not that big of a difference

Gestir - some minor changes would be most welcome. Being able to switch the main spear betwen dual wealding and 1h and shield, the latter being shorter range (grip at half the shaft) and slower atk speed. Throwing spears with shield could be used as mele with a thrust option, with the gestir raising his spear over his shoulder only when he holds throw button.
possibly loose langesax weapon

Huscarl - only change concerning throwing weapons again. Would suggest being able to wield throwing axes with a shield, and having a mele atk that is inferior to the sword, for the sake of having to change to the more effective mele if there is time.

Berserker - pure aesthetic changes. Imo would be *hilarious if the berserker would have an actual bear skin covering his body which he tears apart with his muscle
flexing when he uses his special.
So from this
to the torso part being animated to rip when he enters this pose


I think the pirates are the ones that have most possibilities for creative and fun gear. Although i cannot place these in any special class, i think rope with hook, smoke bombs and rum kegs are a must. (I am aslo wondering why no one has a badass sawnoff version of the captain's gun)
Smoke can be a powerful ally for when enemy is getting close, and lack of vision makes things more unpredictable.
Rope is asociated with pirates and can be used in creative ways like using it as destructable movement platform (like a ladder that can be destroyed and the user killed) to tripping your enemies with a buddy holding the other end (someone's special move?)
and making those iconic rope net traps from the movies. (can be used by the stealth class maybe? art below)
Rum kegs, apart from being a power up, can also serve as flame feeder or something related to fire

Skirmisher - having the choice to dual wield 2 guns (#1 meapon), a gun and a cutlass (#2 weapon), or only a cutlas (#3 weapon) and only a gun (#4 weapon). This unbalance is compensated by lowering the movements speed. Every weapon combination adapts to the stuff happening (dual guns for finishing runners, mele with a gun for greater pressure, single gun for constant fire and reload ect.)
Not sure if this is the best suited unit to carry a powder keg. Would suggest that the special move be something fitting for such a fast dirty fighter, like increasing movement speed for 10 secs, and while in speed mode clicking to perform a running tackle to a single enemy, stunning them to immediatly end the speed bonus. (you have 10 secs to do tackle). Would save the powder keg for a tankier unit with less damage output.

Other notes:
That's it i hope to hear of another opinion conocerning some of this stuff


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