Class Origins Part One.

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Part one will consist of all three classes of the Knights Team. I shall create three parts, all three parts will consist of three chapters. Each chapter will belong to one class each. I will try to update the stories when possible.


This is simply a rough draft, don't think this is it. I'm simply jotting my ideas down. It is in NO WAY a finished product the way it is. Any and all "constructive" criticism is welcomed, and thanked.

Sincerest thanks,


Second Edit:

"ALRIGHT!" I've decided to make FOUR chapters each three parts! The first chapter for each part will be a general introduction of all three classes 'together' meeting for the first time, or how one of their general situations go off game, so instead of this being the Knight's main story, it will simply be how they all meet together, because I have more plans than I thought for the HK, so be ready for it. Also, as we speak, I'm making the rough draft for the Archer as we speak. Still thinking of a name right now, but if I don't finish the story by the time I come back, I'll check for any suggestions you guys might want to give. Cheers!
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