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Ahoy fans!

This thread is for suggestions for character voices.

Please find attached a template for each voice category.

[background=transparent]Template Voice Script[/background]

- Eat sound
- Light hurt
- Medium hurt
- Heavy hurt
- Death
- Fall Death
- Stun (plays when player got bashed/damaged by explosion/etc... something like "ugh... ohhh...")
- Jump (aka: grunt)

===Voice Menu1===
|1| Call Medic

  • Ex: I need you healer/ cleric!

|2| Help

  • Ex: Help me brothers!

  • -

|3| Incoming

  • Ex: Incoming enemies!

|4| Attack

  • Ex: Attack! Attack! Attack!

|5| Defend

  • [background=transparent]Ex: Defend this land![/background]

|6| Go Go Go

  • [background=transparent]Ex: go quickly go![/background]

|7| Regroup

  • [background=transparent]Ex: Regroup you fools[/background]

|8| Retreat

  • [background=transparent]Ex: Get back to the ship! Retreeeeat![/background]

===Voice Menu2===
|1| Attack Team A

  • [background=transparent]Ex: Attack the knights/pirates/vikings![/background]

|2| Attack Team B

  • [background=transparent]Ex: Attack the knights/pirates/vikings![/background]

  • [background=transparent]Kill the savage beasts[/background]

|3| Follow Me

  • [background=transparent]Ex: Follow me for victory and blood[/background]

  • [background=transparent].[/background]

|4| Need Objective // booty, grail and territory (add now more potential audio: drunken stuper lines, objective push, relic, assassinate, lord, monster/creature, flag, etc if desired)

  • [background=transparent]-Ex: We need the gold![/background]

|5| Got Objective // booty, grail and territory ( drunken stuper lines, objective push, relic, assassinate, lord, monster/creature, flag, etc if desired)

  • [background=transparent]Ex: I have the gold![/background]

  • [background=transparent]-[/background]

|6| Give Objective // booty and grail ( drunken stuper lines, objective push, relic, assassinate, lord, monster/creature, flag, etc if desired)

  • [background=transparent]Ex: hand over the horn brother[/background]

  • [background=transparent]--[/background]

  • [background=transparent]-[/background]

  • [background=transparent]--[/background]

  • [background=transparent]-[/background]

  • [background=transparent]-[/background]

|7| Take Objective // booty and grail (take from me) ( drunken stupor lines, objective push, relic, assassinate, lord, monster/creature, flag, etc if desired)

  • [background=transparent]Ex: that’s too heavy for you, give me the gold[/background]

  • [background=transparent]- [/background]

  • [background=transparent]--[/background]

  • [background=transparent]-[/background]

  • [background=transparent]--[/background]

  • [background=transparent]-[/background]

  • [background=transparent]-[/background]

|8| Lost Objective // booty, grail and territory ( drunken stuper lines, objective push, relic, assassinate, lord, monster/creature, flag, etc if desired)

  • Ex: Fools we’ve lost our gold!

===Voice Menu3===
|1| Taunt (Example taunts below from bondi script)

  • [background=transparent]My wife fought better than you![/background]

  • [background=transparent]I shall feast on your bones[/background]

|2| Thanks

  • [background=transparent]Ex: meh, thank you[/background]

  • [background=transparent]-[/background]

|3| Encourage

  • Ex: song

  • Ex: battle cry

  • Ex: Lets go get em boys!

|4| Yes

  • [background=transparent]Ex: aye[/background]

|5| No

  • [background=transparent]Ex; nay[/background]

|6| Greet

  • [background=transparent]Ex: ahoy[/background]

|7| Laugh

  • [background=transparent]Ex: hahah[/background]

  • [background=transparent]Ex: oh hahah haha (maa)[/background]

- Booty Special

  • [background=transparent]Ex: ill be back (huscarl)[/background]

- Class Weapon Special (say something when activating weapon special)

  • [background=transparent]- [/background]

- Taunt After Killing Enemy with Special

  • [background=transparent]- [/background]

  • [background=transparent]- [/background]

====Other Auto Generated Voice====
- Reloading // (For Archer(crossbow), Man-At-Arms(crossbow), Captain(blunderbuss) and Sharpshooter(rifle))
- Reloading Last Ammo // Loading last ammo (Last bolt for you, you bastards)
- Player Low Health (I AM BLEEDING!)
- Player 100%+ Health (I AM INVINCIBLE!)

- Nemesis Spotted (I gonna get you!)
Ex I will stuff you and put you on my wall

- Nemesis Killed (haha, I got you!)
Ex You will make a fine trophy

- Assisted Suicide // Say something if player died cause of environmental death and you did lots of damage to him (ex: What Happened? can't handle this? hahaha)
Accidentally on purpose :)
Smoooth moove
- Killed 2 Enemies (ex: you all weak)
Ex Live. Die. Repeat. Hahaha!

- Killed 3+ Enemies (ex:killing you was easier than making breakfast)

- Killed 20+ Enemies
- Killed 30+ Enemies
- Killed 40+ Enemies
- Killed with thrown chest (lol)
Ex You couldn’t hit the back side of a barn

- Killed Team 1 Player (ex: Archer killed Pirate: "Take that you smelly pirate!")
Skirm - You smell better after death
Captain - My beard will grow larger when I die
SS - Not so fancy now, fancy man!
Your baubles won’t save you.

- Killed Team 2 Player
The big men still fall.
A coward hides behind armour.
I’ve used a bow since I was a boy, you are still a boy!
You can be my target practice!
Yggdrasil’s [igg drassill] branch makes my bow!
Is that cheese in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

- Killed Team 1 Class
- Killed Team 2 Class
- Taunt Team 1 Player (ex: HeavyKnight taunts Vikings: "I shall smite those unholy viking!")
- Taunt Team 2 Player
- Taunt Team 1 Class
- Taunt Team 2 Class

- Team 1 took our booty/territory
The Pirates have run away with our gold
Those filthy urchins have stolen our treasure

- Team 2 took our booty/territory
The knights think they’ve made off with our chests

The knights crusade claims another territory

- Round Start Cheer Up (players screams at start thingies like "let's kick their asses!")
Ex: for the motherland!!

Forget these
- Player Spotted Teammate Corpse // underwork

- Talking Between Teammates (Teammate1: "You think there gonna be cake?" Teammate2: "No idea, I heard there lots of cakes in Valhalla.")

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    For voice menu 3, perhaps there can be an 8th command for "singing", rather than having to hold a chest/trinket and select "encouraging", as suggested by El Negro?

    And the "capture the territory" command should be edited to say "captured (or got) territory."

    This might just be me, but I've never seen (or done) a 20+ 30+ or 40+ killstreak before, (I think it's a bit too much) and I've never heard those lines. Maybe it can be lowered to 5-10-15 enemies? Just throwing numbers here because I think it's rare to pull off 20 or 30 or 40 in just one life.

    Also, question; does the "nemesis spotted" command only work when you taunt your dominating nemesis from a distance? That's the only few rare times I've heard classes say it.
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    Found out, that Captain could react to the death of his partot. Why did you remove it? Captain is not so heartless monster and he would care about his birds...
  • DignitiasDignitias Senior
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    Alright, so I got some taunts for Team 1 (pirates) specifically for the Skirmisher against the Gestir! I hope you like them.

    Normal kills:

    "Aw, what's wrong, Grandpa, That "pole" of yours weighing ye' down?"

    "I shagged a wench twice yer' age, and ye' ain't looking any better!" (Basically this means that he "did the nasty" with a woman that was older than the Gestir, but as the lyrics of Alestorm say; "She may be old, but her beauty ain't fadin'." )

    "Ye look like yer' about to have o' stroke-oh wait! Yer' already dead! [skirm cackling intensifies]"

    "Come on, Gramps! Is that arthri'is(arthritis) finally settin' in yer' bones, or what?!"

    Skirm Special Skill Kill Taunt Gestir:

    "How's that fer' a lunge ye' old bastard? [skirm chuckling intensifies]"

    "Maybe in "Valhalla", they can teach ye' how ta' DODGE, ya' ole' gob-shi'te!"

    "Ye' almost didn't croak that time! [skirm cackling intensifies]"
  • DignitiasDignitias Senior
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    Dude, I'd love to see some death sounds appropriate for the right deaths. Like, ice deaths, A.K.A freezing to death, would be a lot more drawn out into long moans or some sort, instead of garbling your own blood in your mouth. Getting struck by lightning would be a LOT more exaggerated, kind of like having the VA spazzing out on the microphone. Vaporizing kills, I personally think, shouldn't have sound, considering're being vaporized. Your molecules are being spread and turned into little pieces extremely fast. That's about it! It'd be cool to see this, if it does ever happen.
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