"Bluemoon Spectrals of Nik'ro the Necromancer"

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"Ieron mas d'elit'trito'mekh
Rielo't'kna'n dr'dimj jerdummiaxus
Krin'lyeh macto
Macto Necro Nik'ro" - Captain D'Sparryl, infamous pirate captain of "The Crescent Moon" crew, now a member of the Bluemoon Spectrals.

DISCLAIMER: Before anything else, this pack requires "mat_advancedshaders" to be enabled, as well as to have at least "mat_antialias" set to 2.
If you don't have them enabled, you won't experience the "Bluemoon" shade nor the ghostly transparency.

Bluemoon Spectrals of Nik'ro the Necromancer. These are the kind of people...If they are even people still, that you truly do not want to plunder with.
In their life they were mostly infamous pirates of many crews. In their death they are even deadlier, as they are cursed ghosts who only seek to despair you.
Formed by Nik'ro the Necromancer, an outcast even to the despised Necromancers of the Glyphites themselves. His true purpose is simply to dominate the living and avenge the long-lost Glyphites.

Want to gaze upon them, that is see screenshots? Then go here; http://imgur.com/a/bp3uu

The Download Link, for the brave; https://www.mediafir...5acmdcte7qzajzz
How to install? Just extract it to your "custom" folder.

Credits go to "PopeMaster" for making the Bluemoon symbol.
Credits go to "Serenitys" for allowing me to use one of his artworks.

For those who are brave, here is more information and description about these Bluemoon Spectrals.

Captain (AKA The Sunken Captain)
Once a proud man who lead a terrible infamous Pirate Crew, he is now brought back in death, serving Nik'ro the Necromancer, to annihilate the many desires of the livings, even of his former, live colleages.
Still wearing his good ol' cutlass that never betrayed him, it gleams of the unnatural "Bluemoon" and reflections of the future of the Living if this sword cuts even their littlest bit of cloth.
The Captain's parrot is always loyal, even in death it still serves, as a familiar.

What does he have/wear?
- His good ol' cutlass, now heavily rusted and cursed by the gleam of the Bluemoon. Can easily turn any living being into a ghost, so long as the blade kills it in the slowest time possible.
- His good ol' rusty bunderbluss, this time way too rusted to even function yet it does. The only reason it still works is because of the Bluemoon curse.
- His always-loyal parrot. Even though it is dead itself, it's still the most loyal pet of the Captain, appearing as a familiar.

- Well-preserved but still sunken and slightly rusted clothing of his old adventures. Cursed by the "Bluemoon".

How does he look like?
As a Ghost, he seems to have the "best appearance". While his old disfigured features, such as the scar in his face, still appear, the teeth and the eyes do not. Instead, the eyes make a glow while the teeth are simply not to be seen, unlike on the other Bluemoon Spectrals.

Skirmisher (AKA The Cursed Skirmisher)
Plundering all his life, pirating all his life, bullying all his life...All his life was aggression, but now he finally found peace. He found peace by destroying it every time there is one.
Never tireless of his hatred for life, this Skirmisher would rather let you live just so you can suffer further than to let you die so easily.

What does he have/wear?
- A rusted cutlass, probably used by him in his entire life. Despite the very rusted, sunken appearance, it deals quite a lot of damage. Knowing it is cursed by the "Bluemoon", it makes sense.
- A flintlock rusted from being in the water for so long, still functioning thanks to the "Bluemoon" curse.
- A sunken keg. Seems to have been so well contained that the gunpowder still works and can explode.

- A completely sunken and darkened attire of his.

How does he look like?
Still looking like a complete heartless brute, but worse. His teeth are visible, even his missing one, as if ready to laugh at you with its visible teeth.
His see-through skin makes him be a worse enemy than before, as he doesn't have that much clothing.

Sharpshooter (AKA The Forsaken Sharpshooter)
Wooing with the tavern wenches and trying to become a famous sex-poet, this has come to an end. Yet, his end is only the beginning. Now seeking for love to annihilate, this Sharpshooter is too relentless to let go of his now-grudge for human happiness and love.

What does he have/wear?
- A cursed "Bluemoon Dagger", with sapphires that glow in the dark and with the curse of the "Bluemoon" so high. It is thought that the stab of this dagger can instantly kill someone and turn him into a Bluemoon Spectral already.
- Rusted but working fancy flintlock of his. Cursed by the "Bluemoon".
- Highly rusted rifle, cursed by the "Bluemoon".

- His well-kept attire, still well-kept, but highly sunken.

How does he look like?
As if trying to look like he's still handsome. Strangely, his hair is not transparent, implying it must be a high-quality wig. He has visible teeth that are easily unseeable because of his moustache.

Knowing it is "The Crescent Moon" crew that first became the Bluemoon Spectrals, they share their "Crescent Moon & Skull" flag, except this time modified by magical glyphs.
You'll get to see their tattered ghostly "coat of arms", while their flags are still skyhigh and glowing.
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