Man-At-Arms "The Conscript"

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Think the Man-At-Arms is kinda boring, chainmail would look better than padded leather, has a crappy helmet, needs pants, needs full gloves instead of fingerless and so on?

If you agree with all or some of those, I may got yer solution, boy!



First of all, he does NOT look like a Cossack, at all. Neither is he Russian, neither does he have the Ushanka, that is the "Russian Hat".
Secondly, the models used are actually rather huge in size and vertex, hence the filesize. Hat is big, Voulge is big and Mace is big (although it seems that Mace is the best optimized one). So you MAY get performance issues even on a medium PC (GTX 650) as well as crashes. I'm not so aware of this though, if you get a crash saying "vertex limit" you should say so.


DOWNLOAD LINK; https://www.mediafir...69plcg153j337n7 TWO VERSIONS
'Armed Conscript' (Contains everything including the two custom weapons)
'The Conscript' (Contains only the Man-At-Arms and his Pot Helm)

How to install this? Simply extract the ".rar" file provided, then put the ".vpk" that was inside it into your "custom" folder located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\pirates, vikings and knights ii\pvkii". If there is no "custom" folder, you make it. How many times I have to say that?

SMALL LORE: The Knights were running low on infantry after the countless fights with Pirates and Vikings. With that in mind, they finally got to do "conscription".
Armoured with a simple chainmail and armed with a simple voulge, these men are not that eager to fight, but will do whatever it takes to survive these wars they consider to be silly.
Although it seems that some were indeed very happy to join, even if they were forced to!

- Chainmail instead of Padded Leather.
- Full-gloves instead of Fingerless Gloves.
- Chainmail Coif replaced with a patterned cloth coif.
- Changed the "Kettle Helmet" to a "Pot Helmet".
- Now uses pants.

Credits go to "billyro" for the Mace (click to see his content) and "Moraelin" for the Saxon Voulge.
Credits go to "VAultMaN30" for his Pot Helmet (click to see his content).
I would also like to give a big thanks to "JuicyFruit" for helping me with modelling.
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