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Hello everyone, I am here to apply as an Authorized Creator for PVKII, I am not doing this for any specific reason, however I would like to help expand the PVK modding community. I was also recommend by El Negro to become a Authorized Creator.
As for my skills, I have been modding for Source Engine games for 3 years, most of this being for Garry's Mod (when it was fresh). I have made one mod for PVK but I do plan on making more. For programming I am mostly experienced in C#, learning it primarily in High school and collage. I do know Lua but this is mostly used for Garry's Mod modding. My modelling program of choice is Blender, I mostly use it for rigging, bodygroups, mesh editing, and fixing smoothing.

If you have any questions or any concerns please feel free to ask, I am quite an open person.

If you require more demonstrations of my skills feel free to give me a task.

Some of my works:
My steam workshop:

More information about me:
Name: Sargis Nahapetyan
Currently reside in: Canada
Favourite programming language: C#
Favourite team: Knights
Favourite Knight class: Heavy Knight
Favourite Viking class: Huscarl
Favourite Pirate class: Captain
Total hours on PVK (when this was posted): 335


  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    'Ello White Snow!
    Thank you for your communication and application!
    We would love to help you expand your portfolio, if you take on the following:
    Essential map props and alternate prop skins, new weapons or updating old weapon textures, as well as providing new customization items or textures for future STEAM Workshop implementation!

    We are looking for content creators to jump start our upcoming workshop beta

    I hope that you enjoy your time with us and help us continue to create our magical worlds and works of art!

    We use steam as our primary means for teams communication. Let's keep in touch and discuss your applicant's challenge further. We give applicants a "first task" to judge their skills and how they can create content for the game.

    Please add me on steam if you havent at http://steamcommunit...m/id/kernontop/

    Here is your thread the Applicant's Progress Zone.

    Thank you,

    Co-Lead | Level Designer

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