"Covenant of the Frozen Fang"

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"Comrades of the North! We, the Frostlings, have been invaded, subsequently bullied, violated and even raped. We, who worked and suffered for the Snow, for the Ice, for the Frost & Cold, WE HAVE NEVER GOTTEN THE RESPECT WE DESERVE!
The Humans came to our lands seeking conquest, hence they acquired. In our harsh lands lives a being known as 'Man', he who makes even our dreadful gods look like as futile as the "bunnies" from THEIR LANDS!
Friends, Comrades, Brothers! We, the Frostlings, are not to be trifled with and this the 'Man' shall know! Join us, the Covenant of the Frozen Fang, join us dear friends, and together we ALL shall conquest their lands as they conquested ours!

Frost Fang Rising! Bite Down Mankind!" -Ehekit the Master

Disclaimer; If you see that the hands are still white despite the characters being all cyan and ice, I'm sorry but this is just hard to do because of how the "hands" are shared for all player models.

So, you guys should thank all this to Popemaster, our local PhotoShop addict/creator/master/Pope who makes those nice achievements. Why? Two reasons;
1. He indirectly influenced me with one of his cool Achievement arts.
2. He was kind enough to provide me with the full-size logo he made of that achievement, which is a very cool hand-drawn serpent with cyan skin, reminiscent of frost itself.

So yeah, if you really love this mod, thank Popemaster more than me, I'm pretty much just the guy who got inspired and made it.

Who are the "Covenant of the Frost Fang"? These are frostlings, humanoids with frozen, icey skin who live in the harsh lands of ice. Those who belong to the Covenant of the Frost Fang are mutated to have serpent-like features, for example, reptile eyes and fangs.
For more lore, please go here; http://forums.pvkii....showtopic=15454

Here's the download link! https://www.mediafir...96h152lgm86ugg5

How to install? Just extract it to your "custom" folder.

How about I give you more info to what I did to these guys? The more you know, the better and fun! Right? Also, some descriptions...

Berserker (AKA Barbarian/Scavenger)
The toughest and most savage of all Frostlings, now even more deranged after joining and being mutated by the Covenant of the Frost Fang. They are well-known scavengers and dirty fighters, even before joining. Worst part though is that, after they got mutated, their bites are even fiercer, stronger and potentially poisonous, giving "Frost Bite" worse than frost itself. They tend to use weapons scavenged from corpses, but they also have a fondness of making their own weapons, this can be seen from their big axe, while the Sword & Axe are scavenged from Frostling Raiders and Humans.

What does he have/wear?
- A Frostling Bigaxe, big wooden handle with rough never-melting transparent ice that can cut a man better than steel.
- Frostling Sword & Human Axe, scavenged from a Frostling Raider and Human Berserker respectively, could be from others.

How does he look like?
As if ever ready and eager to eat you alive...Or worse yet, freeze you, paralyse you and make you be eaten slowly. His fangs are not strong enough to penetrate clothing though, so you might just be lucky.

Huscarl (AKA Raider)
Frostling Raiders are what can be considered as the staple Infantryman of any Frostling army. Although not too disciplined, still being almost as savage as a barbarian, they are the best bulwark and defensive kind of Frostling there is. They tend to be less of a scavenger than the Frostling Barbarians, preferring to instead loot graves of their ancestors and get their equipments instead, which they did. After joining the Covenant, they, just like all other Frostlings, developed reptile eyes and fangs. They were also given a special iced sword with the Frozen Fang insignia in it. Do not take these guys lightly, they might not be as brutal and savage as the Barbarians, but they are just as deadly, especially if faced up-front.

What does he have/wear?
- A decorated Two-Handed Axe from their ancestors.
- Sword either taken from their Ancestors or scavenged from their enemies and Shield given by the Covenant..

How does he look like?
Like somewhat your typical savage heavy mercenary of sorts, but frozen and with deadly fangs which he luckily hardly uses.

Gestir (AKA Forefather)
In the Frostling Culture, they have this "all-father" figure known as the Forefather. They are the oldest of the Frostling, and also the best "preserved", hardly showing any wrinkles from ice. Unlike other Frostlings, their beards are not ice, but pure white like the snow. Frostling Forefathers have a tradition of wearing the robes they were given for eternity, so they're in no way scavengers. When a Frostling Forefather joins the Covenant, unlike their brothers, they only have fangs, but also unlike their brothers, their fangs are extremely lethal, being able to instantly freeze up an enemy and cause frost bites everywhere. Worst part, because of them being related to the Covenant and mutating so, they are able to take control of the victim, making them join their ranks as puppet-husks. Frostling Forefathers prefer to use the best Frostling weaponry the Frostlings can offer, so you'll hardly if ever see any scavenged weaponry on them.

What does he have/wear?
- A Spear, named "Spjoighear", legendary for all Forefathers. It is said that being constantly stabbed by this spear will freeze one with frost bites.
- A blunt sword called "Mhruma'kuis", with frost that seems to 'burn' the person from the deep inside and a Shield given to all Forefathers by the Covenant, with the Frozen Fang insignia, of course!
- Javelins made by the best Frostling Icesmiths.

How does he look like?
Like a true angry, disciplined and willing warrior father. He cares for all his Frostlings and has the best experience to show.

- Added rugs, carpets, banners and Coat of Arms of the "Covenant of the Frozen Fang". They are located in Island and Pinegrove, if I missed any please do tell.

Here's something planned for them, but it is on a long, long future I think;

- Add "Frosted Hands" for all Frostlings. Done & Done.
- Find a proper way to give a "frost feeling" to the shields in first-person.
- Give the "Selection Menu" proper Frostling images and so on. Pretty sure I did that.
- Add an RNG module.
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