Hammer Editor question for PVKII

Basically, how do I make only two teams for the map? For example, I only want vikings and knights.


  • El NegroEl Negro The Genuinely Only Sane Person Guests
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    I know nothing about Hammer, but I'm VERY sure you can just so easily do it by not adding any "Pirate Spawns" in the map, only Viking and Knight spawns.
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  • GazGaz Sir PVKII Team
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    Add an info_pvk and you can customise teams in there, otherwise not adding pirate spawns would make Pirates spawn at any info_playerstarts (which you use for camera positions on map load)
  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    Please read hammer tutorials, and make threads and posts pertaining to mapping, in our custom map forum.

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