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Hey guys!

I'm MrModez (that's how people call me on the internet) and I'm applying for VGUI/HUD programming position in the PVKII team.
I started learining Source Engine about a year ago and UI programming was my first ever thing I started working with and the thing i always feel passionate about.
My range of possibilities is not limited to the UI of course.

As my portfolio I can show some of my work on the main menu for Source SDK mod Team Fortress 2: Classic (some of this stuff is not released in public build yet)

I'm really interesed to work on this mod to be able to create more stuff like this and I hope to get along with you guys :)
Thanks for reading.


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    Get him on the boat yarr :icon_pirate2:
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    Ahoy Ther' MrModez! :icon_pirate2:

    Thank you for your interest and application!

    I hope that you enjoy your time with us, and help us continue to expand the depth of our magical, worlds and works of art.

    In getting to know you more, we'd like to know more about your skills you have: i.e. photoshop, c++ etc. A vgui/hud programmer is exactly what PVKII needs right now to tie everything together neatly presently and for the future of the game. Either building on top of the existing content and art direction, or committing to a complete visual overhaul from start to finish.

    As you probably already know, we are looking for one or more programmer for our game and thus joining OctoShark Studios. They must be experienced with C++ , and ideally, the Source Engine. A creative problem solver and team player who can work with senior and additional programmers, leads, and lead tester to frequently update private and public build content. You should be, or grow to be, passionate about PVK2, it's community, and seeing updates through to the very end, no matter the size. You should be able to harness initiative to go into our code make changes/additions/fixes on your own, and together with the team. Above all you should have loads of free time, dedication, and the strength to pace yourself - no matter how exciting the next task is. Taking on the role as an additional coder you would be an essential, positive force for the future development of the game.

    Among the many things we want to incorporate into our game, we require assistance with creating & polishing gamemodes, implementing hint/tutorial systems, and working with the ui artist(s) to create the best visual experience possible.

    We use steam as our primary means for teams communication. Let's keep in touch and discuss your applicant's challenge further. We give applicants a "first task" to judge their skills and how they can create content for the game.

    Add me on Steam here:

    Here is your thread the Applicant's Progress Zone.


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  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    MrModez to the team!

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