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Inspired by El negro, we've decided to reach out to our active fans for more suggestions to expand our growing script for the Bondi.

View his character art work progress here: and over on our Wiki:

The youngest of all the viking classes, the Bondi, is a freeman who owns a land, usually a farm, and is seasoned in the art of hunting.

A hunter, swift with his bow. Immense strength with his javelins, unlike his elders in battle. And a piercing, precise, seax. He is less honorable a man for his lack of melee weapons, however his steadfast charm for hunting and gathering makes him honorable story to his family. But his story is a quest of vengeance. His land is taken; his family murdered. And so he seeks to end the lives of those who attempt to take all he has left.

He has a strong Scandinavian accent, and while it isn't the deepest voice, he retains the most youth and rage of the Jarl's battle bound warriors, and that echos louder than any through forest and fjord.

Suggestions are welcome! View our progress below:

[background=transparent]Bondi Voice Script[/background]

- Eat sound
- Light hurt
- Medium hurt
- Heavy hurt
- Death
- Fall Death
- Stun (plays when player got bashed/damaged by explosion/etc... something like "ugh... ohhh...")
- Jump (aka: grunt)

===Voice Menu1===
|1| Call Medic
  • Shaman!
  • Healer!
  • I need you Healer!
  • Where are you Healer?

|2| Help
  • Help me my brothers
  • Help a free yeoman in need!
  • Hjelp!
  • -

|3| Incoming
  • Incoming fiends!
  • [background=transparent]Sons of the hounds, come here and get flesh[/background]
  • Here they come!
  • Brace your backs!

|4| Attack
  • For Northland!
  • Burn their land as they did mine!
  • Assault them for all your worth!
  • Lets make this land fruitful with the blood of our enemies!
  • Make them bleed like griser!

|5| Defend
  • [background=transparent]Defend this land![/background]
  • Skjoldborg[background=transparent]![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Grisetryne![/background]
  • [background=transparent]We must stand or døy! [/background]
  • [background=transparent]We stand nau or fall. [/background]
  • [background=transparent]Våpen UPP![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Odin! shield us![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Lend your shields, brothers[/background]

|6| Go Go Go
  • [background=transparent]Gå nå![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Gå [/background]raskt!
  • Gå, Gåå, Gååå!

|7| Regroup
  • [background=transparent]Let us find ourselves![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Get back together![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Assemble![/background]

|8| Retreat
  • [background=transparent]Get out of here![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Back to the ship![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Fly like sleipnir![/background]

===Voice Menu2===
|1| Attack Team A
  • [background=transparent]Attack the knights![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Let us destroy the metal men![/background]
  • Face the knights!

|2| Attack Team B
  • [background=transparent]Attack the pirates![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Kill the sea beasts![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Squeeze the salt from their lungs![/background]

|3| Follow Me
  • [background=transparent]I know where I’m going.[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Rally behind me and forge ahead.[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Follow me for victory.[/background]

|4| Need Objective // booty, grail and territory (add now more potential audio: drunken stuper lines, objective push, relic, assassinate, lord, monster/creature, flag, etc if desired)
  • [background=transparent]- Gold! Go get it![/background]
  • [background=transparent]- We must gather the gold![/background]
  • [background=transparent]- We will eat gold for breakfast[/background]
  • [background=transparent]- The Gjallarhorn shall be ours[/background]
  • [background=transparent]- We will drink from the horn in victory[/background]
  • [background=transparent]- Hands to the horn brothers[/background]
  • [background=transparent]- Conquer that land[/background]
  • [background=transparent]- Seek this land for women and children[/background]
  • [background=transparent]- Kill those who stand in our way[/background]
  • [background=transparent]- Pillage[/background]
  • [background=transparent]-[/background]

|5| Got Objective // booty, grail and territory ( drunken stuper lines, objective push, relic, assassinate, lord, monster/creature, flag, etc if desired)
  • [background=transparent]I have the gold![/background]
  • [background=transparent]The gold is mine![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Such treasure![/background]
  • [background=transparent]I hold the Gjallarhorn![/background]
  • [background=transparent]The horn is ours brothers![/background]
  • [background=transparent]This land belongs to [/background]
  • [background=transparent]-[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Odin will be pleased with our pillaged land[/background]
  • [background=transparent]I will plant my seed upon this new land[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Harvest will be hastened with the blood on this land[/background]
  • [background=transparent]-[/background]

|6| Give Objective // booty and grail ( drunken stuper lines, objective push, relic, assassinate, lord, monster/creature, flag, etc if desired)
  • [background=transparent]- Give me some gold[/background]
  • [background=transparent]- Hand over the gold[/background]
  • [background=transparent]-- Gold! Pass it over![/background]
  • [background=transparent]- Hasten that to me![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Throw me the horn![/background]
  • [background=transparent]That horn looks better on me grandpa[/background]
  • [background=transparent]--[/background]
  • [background=transparent]-[/background]
  • [background=transparent]--[/background]
  • [background=transparent]-[/background]
  • [background=transparent]-[/background]

|7| Take Objective // booty and grail (take from me) ( drunken stuper lines, objective push, relic, assassinate, lord, monster/creature, flag, etc if desired)
  • [background=transparent]- Here the gold, take it![/background]
  • [background=transparent]- Carry the gold back for me![/background]
  • [background=transparent]-- Want the gold? Take it![/background]
  • [background=transparent]- Take this or I will call the crows[/background]
  • [background=transparent]-- My gift to you will be my last[/background]
  • [background=transparent]- [/background]
  • [background=transparent]--[/background]
  • [background=transparent]-[/background]
  • [background=transparent]--[/background]
  • [background=transparent]-[/background]
  • [background=transparent]-[/background]

|8| Lost Objective // booty, grail and territory ( drunken stuper lines, objective push, relic, assassinate, lord, monster/creature, flag, etc if desired)
  • grrr you let them take our gold!
  • The coins have spilled with our blood!
  • Our wealth is vanishing before us!
  • Where has the horn gone now brothers?
  • Gjallarhorn is not in our presence.

===Voice Menu3===
|1| Taunt
  • [background=transparent]My wife fought better than you![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Quiver with fear![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Your eyes shall feed the ravens![/background]
  • [background=transparent]I will use your hook to hang my hat[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Your wild tongue shall catch many fish[/background]
  • [background=transparent]I shall feast on your bones[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Not worth dulling my blade over[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Ha you again![/background]
  • [background=transparent]You will make a fine scarecrow[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Come forth and accept your fate[/background]
  • [background=transparent]-[/background]
  • [background=transparent]-[/background]

|2| Thanks
  • [background=transparent]- Thanks old man[/background]
  • [background=transparent]I thank you.[/background]
  • [background=transparent]-[/background]

|3| Encourage
  • I will support you in battle brothers!
  • Song “This land is my land, this land is... MY LAND!”
  • Skadi guide my bow!
  • [background=transparent]Great Odin’s Raven[/background]
  • “I’m like a See-axe machine get on up” (james brown)
  • take from the rich. take from the poor.
  • The hills are alive with the sound of tunics

|4| Yes
  • [background=transparent]Yes, of course.[/background]
  • [background=transparent]By my word, yes.[/background]
  • [background=transparent]YES![/background]

|5| No
  • [background=transparent]No. NO![/background]
  • [background=transparent]NO NO NO![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Not at all![/background]

|6| Greet
  • [background=transparent]What a lovely day![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Hey![/background]

|7| Laugh
  • [background=transparent]Hah aha ha ha.[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Ha! You are stupid![/background]
  • [background=transparent]Ha ahahahahahaha… ha![/background]

- Booty Special
  • [background=transparent]- Now you see me?[/background]
  • [background=transparent]- Get out of my way! [/background]
  • [background=transparent]- See you next harvest [/background]

- Class Weapon Special (say something when activating weapon special)
  • [background=transparent]- You see there is no escape[/background]
  • [background=transparent]- It will soon be all over [/background]
  • [background=transparent]- See you soon human[/background]
  • [background=transparent]- Do not fight the end[/background]

- Taunt After Killing Enemy with Special
  • [background=transparent]- You’ve been waiting a loooong time…. for... that :)[/background]
  • [background=transparent]- [/background]

====Other Auto Generated Voice====
- Reloading // (For Archer(crossbow), Man-At-Arms(crossbow), Captain(blunderbuss) and Sharpshooter(rifle))
- Reloading Last Ammo // Loading last ammo (Last bolt for you, you bastards)
- Player Low Health (I AM BLEEDING!)
- Player 100%+ Health (I AM INVINCIBLE!)

- Nemesis Spotted (I gonna get you!)
I will stuff you and put you on my wall

- Nemesis Killed (haha, I got you!)
You will make a fine trophy

- Assisted Suicide // Say something if player died cause of environmental death and you did lots of damage to him (ex: What Happened? can't handle this? hahaha)
Accidentally on purpose :)
Smoooth moove
- Killed 2 Enemies (ex: you all weak)
Live. Die. Repeat. Hahaha!

- Killed 3+ Enemies (ex:killing you was easier than making breakfast)

- Killed 20+ Enemies
- Killed 30+ Enemies
- Killed 40+ Enemies
- Killed with thrown chest (lol)
You couldn’t hit the back side of a barn

- Killed Team 1 Player (ex: Archer killed Pirate: "Take that you smelly pirate!")
Skirm - You smell better after death
Captain - My beard will grow larger when I die
SS - Not so fancy now, fancy man!
Your baubles won’t save you.

- Killed Team 2 Player
The big men still fall.
A coward hides behind armour.
I’ve used a bow since I was a boy, you are still a boy!
You can be my target practice!
Yggdrasil’s [igg drassill] branch makes my bow!
Is that cheese in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

- Killed Team 1 Class
- Killed Team 2 Class
- Taunt Team 1 Player (ex: HeavyKnight taunts Vikings: "I shall smite those unholy viking!")
- Taunt Team 2 Player
- Taunt Team 1 Class
- Taunt Team 2 Class

- Team 1 took our booty/territory
The Pirates have run away with our gold
Those filthy urchins have stolen our treasure

- Team 2 took our booty/territory
The knights think they’ve made off with our chests

The knights crusade claims another territory

- Round Start Cheer Up (players screams at start thingies like "let's kick their asses!")
- For the north!
- Valhallaaaaaaaa
-Nordmen over all!
-Hang them from Yggdrasil’s branches!
- Thor’s Hammer Up On You!

Forget these
- Player Spotted Teammate Corpse // underwork

- Talking Between Teammates (Teammate1: "You think there gonna be cake?" Teammate2: "No idea, I heard there lots of cakes in Valhalla.")

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  • Combine™Combine™ PVKII Team, Authorized Creator
    edited 8:37PM
    Taunt "I will slaughter you like a pig!"

    Thanks "Some different language word"

    That's all i got lol
  • edited November 2015
    Oh. My. God. Alright, let's think...
    Well, I don't think I've heard any of the current vikings say the classic "Damn You!" or "Have at thee!" lines, so Bondi could say those. Maybe he could say "damn you!" when killed whilst carrying a chest/trinket or when falling he'd scream "DAAAAMN YOOOUUUUU"

    Idk why, but Bondi kind of reminds me of Beowulf, at least appearance-wise. I could imagine him singing something like this: (I really like the 2nd song)

    Kill Taunts?
    Kills Maa - "So much for the 'all rounder!'" or "Not so well-rounded now are ya?!" or he just shudders and makes a disgusted noise.
    Kills Archer - "You're an insult to bowmen everywhere!"
    Kills with Seax - "That's not a knife, this is a knife!"
    Kills with Jav - "Heads Up!"
    Random Kill - "Take that, ya Grendel!"

    Low health - "Not like this!" or "I may be down, but I'm not out!" or "I'm not dead...yet!"
    Chest kill - "Careful what you wish for, greedy bastard!", "Special delivery!", "From Norway with love!"
    Chest Special - "Far Vel!" (Farewell in Nordic? Maybe this can help, although you guys clearly know Nordic better than I do!): https://tattuinardoe...onal-old-norse/
    “Suppose, in their altruistic passion for justice and order, they had determined to reform the world, but had not realized that they were destroying the soul of man?”
    - Arthur Clarke, Childhood's End
  • Xxcrazy-monkeyxXXxcrazy-monkeyxX Beta Tester, Senior
    edited 8:37PM
    Near death: -"Ughhh.....Even our old man would survive this!"
    -"IM NOT WEAK!....just need to take a break"

    Thats all iv got for now. :icon_knight:
  • edited 8:37PM
    I'm seeing a few familiar lines, cant wait to hear TheDR's voice for it! I'll try and suggest some stuff when I get something, just want to say these are awesome though.
  • KaffiKaffi Senior
    edited 8:37PM
    I noticed the word "Grisetryne!" under the defend voice menu.

    In Norwegian, this word means "pig face" (Gris = pig, tryne = the face of the pig). Would be nice as an insult, but I am not sure why it goes under the defend menu.
    Anyways, I just thought I should clarify this, in case the word was misplaced.

    And as a Norwegian, I really love that you put Scandinavian words and phrases into the viking voices.
  • HarHar Senior
    edited March 2016
    Some suggestions :emot-awesome:

    Call Medic:
    Shaman => Seidkona
    Help a free yeoman in need! => Help a poor bondi in need! -(the word yeoman fits the archer better)
    Sacrifice them to mighty Ullr!
    Våpen upp = > Vapn upp
    Skoldborg => Skjaldborg
    Svintryne => Svinfylking
    Skadi guide my bow! => Ullr and Skadi guide my bow!
    [background=transparent]YES! => JÁ![/background]
    Attack the team Knights
    Kill the Christians!
  • Links121995Links121995 Beta Tester, Authorized Creator
    edited 8:37PM
    While unique, character-building lines are good, so are generic lines spoken in a unique, character-building way.
    For instance, a simple "Attack!" is used by every single class except the Berserker (I believe this calls for a "lolwut") but each instance of it is unique, with the exception of the Heavy Knight's dual "Attack!" lines which both sound similar.

    I have a few suggestions for alterations to the lines presented above:
    Help me my brothers / My brothers, help me!
    Help a free yeoman in need! / Help a free yeoman in need! (Both "free" and "yeo" make the line sound a little too long to me.)

    Burn their land (slight pause, even slighter than a comma) as they did burned mine!
    Assault them for all your worth! (I feel that a more informal synonym, such as "smush" or "hammer" would be better.)
    Let's make this land fruitful with the blood of our enemies! / Bloody the earth! (The juxtaposition is great, but I felt it was too long. I'm not completely happy with my alternative.)
    Make them bleed like griser! / Bleed them like griser!

    [background=transparent]Let us destroy the metal men! (Only one Knight is obviously metallic, I would change this line to something completely different if I were you.)[/background]
    [background=transparent]Kill the sea beasts![/background] / Brothers, let us fish! ("Sea beast" lacks the ring of "sea monster" but such a term is a tad too strong. Comparing pirate hunting to fishing on the other hand...)
    [background=transparent]Squeeze Scrape the salt from their lungs![/background]

    Gjallarhorn is not in our presence. / Gjallarhorn is has not forsaken in our presence us!

    I will You have my support you in battle brothers! / I'm right behind you brothers!

    While I'm in this part of the list, I'll drop a suggestion for a chest special: "The chase is on!"

    I'll mount your head above my fireplace.
    You will make a fine trophy. / A minor vengeance. (If his story is a quest of vengeance, surely "Nemesis killed" would be the perfect line to allude to that?)

    Assisted suicide: "There goes my kill..."

    Killed 20/30/40: Twenty/Thirty/Forty down, like so much rye/barley/oats (which are the cereal crops vikings farmed, according to the internet).

    Killed SS - Not so fancy now, fancy man! / Your baubles won’t save you. (Where are these fancy baubles of which you write? In any case...)
    "You could neither lift a bow nor aim one."

    The knights crusade claims another territory. / Knights lay claim to another territory.

    Round Start: Move in for the kill!
  • DisturvingDisturving Senior
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    In Soviet Russia, people murder a Viking's family.
    The reason why my writing here is so formal is that people inevitably get annoyed at my writing, so sticking to the rules of formal writing is my attempt to avoid people taking me the wrong way and getting annoyed.
    Complaining and expressing disagreement and arguing are very good things to do.
    If something written by me here does not look formal, it may be because I tried to make it look better than it could were it formal, or it might be that it seems all right to me without it being formal.
  • edited December 2015
    Just a quick little addition if anyone's still interested, I was browsing the Moddb pages and found these oldies: (a little nostalgia/throwback doesn't hurt, does it?)

    "A bale omen is upon us!"- (Miscellaneous line? Perhaps it could be modified to fit something else?)
    "I shall drink from your skull this eve!"(Taunt/Revenge Kill/Nemesis Spotted/Misc?)
    Oh, and another currently unused classic to top it off: "You shall pay!" (Definitely "Nemesis Spotted" material lol).
    “Suppose, in their altruistic passion for justice and order, they had determined to reform the world, but had not realized that they were destroying the soul of man?”
    - Arthur Clarke, Childhood's End
  • Pho PhoPho Pho Senior
    edited 8:37PM
    Well, any class needs his fair share of Monty Python references right? Perhaps you could lift some from this classic sketch. I know a Scandinavian accent isn't the same as the silly voice used here but either way, I just think it could fit :P

    So some examples...

    Taunting/killing an archer - "You great poof!"
    'Help' - "My hovercraft is full of eels!"
    'Medic' - "Please fondle my bum."
    'Follow me' - "Do you WANT to come back to my place, Bouncy Bouncy?"
    'Go! Go! Go!' - "Drop your panties, Sir William. I cannot wait until lunchtime."
    'Thanks' - "If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?"
    'Encourage' - "You have beautiful thighs."
    'Take the gold' - "I will not buy this gold, it is scratched!"
    Upon healing - "I am no longer infected."
    About to be pushing up the daisies - "MY NIPPLES EXPLODE WITH DELIGHT!"
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