The custom files setting.

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Whenever I restart PVKII I'm automatically set to not download any custom files from servers. You have no idea how damaging this is to the game. Every time I switch a server to a custom map, most if not all the players are gone because they're booted by an error message. Make it so this setting saves when you change it.

And at least have players be able to download maps by default. I don't know what all the fuss is about anyway, I've played this game for hundreds of hours and I've never gotten a virus from a server.

This is probably why I can only find decent games on Island lately. New players aren't able to join custom servers without getting kicked.


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    As Felis has answered this on the discussion board for ya I'll copy and paste it here in case other people were curious about it too:

    The exploit fix will be shipped with next update that is near release. To disable the defaulting for now, go to ..\steamapps\common\pirates, vikings and knights ii\pvkii\cfg, edit autoexec.cfg and remove the cvars. ("cl_downloadfilter" etc.)

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