Anyone up for some good ol pvk?

[STA]Wallace[STA]Wallace Senior
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I recently thought about PVK and had a desire to play. Anyone around from the old days? Anyone up for getting a server up and playing?


  • VogelenzangVogelenzang Senior
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    If I remember correctly, there's only one server up (maybe there were bots on it), and I haven't been patient enough to sit in it to wait for players. There was also a group which hosted events every now and then. But I suppose I'm up for it.
  • PossiblexPossiblex Senior
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    Had played pvk1 couple of times, got frustrated of them one hit kills but was still awesome. That map where you also fight off zombies was my favourite. I can download it again if we're going to play it one day.
  • bonerificbonerific Banned
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    I'm pretty sure cool man was one of the last old pvk men visiting these forums frequently. I dont think that's the case anymore though!
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