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Hey all,

I am responding to an email I received about looking for help with PVK2.

My name is Ben and my experience revolves around modeling and texturing for props or environmental objects. I have a small amount of experience with the source engine but mostly in relation to mapping. I have worked on other mods/games in engines such as Source, Unreal 2.5, UDK and Unity. I am currently a full time employee at an animation company in Tokyo but I am looking for something like this to do in my spare time.

I don't have huge amounts of time to put towards it but I am really interested in this game so I would love to help out where I can, ideally for me would be texturing weapons or other props and possibly also modeling some if I can scrape together some more time. Anyway please have a look at my stuff, its all a bit outdated but reflects pretty accurately my current skill level:


Thank you for your time and consideration,



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    'Ello Ben!

    Thank you for your communication and application!

    I am quite impressed with the variety of art you have displayed in your portfolio.

    As you know, you would be able to choose tasks that excite you the most. We would love to help you expand your portfolio, if you take on the following:
    3D art: essential map props and possibly even your own environments if you'd like, weapons, animals, texturing, gibs/dismemberment etc.
    2D art: map textures, model skins, replacing hl2 content, improving/replacing existing assets, etc.

    I found you on google by typing in "Pirate props source engine," but to my surprise you've done more than that. I really like your weapon models, and as our team strives forward to gain more game popularity in the steam community, perhaps you could help us upgrade our weapons to a more modern standard. Such as replacing the Captain's cutlass, or even introducing new weapons!

    I hope that you enjoy your time with us and help us continue to create our magical worlds and works of art!

    We are always welcoming talented 2D a/o 3D artists that stick. Artists that commit. Artists that have asset development in their blood. Artists that love to create like it's a cup of coffee in the morning. As an example, an artist that delivers over 10 assets to a Level Designer's world, and work with them to support each others portfolio development and help bring worlds to life! Then, once one challenge has been conquered, they're ready for the next big thing.

    We use steam as our primary means for teams communication. Let's keep in touch and discuss your applicant's challenge further. We give applicants a "first task" to judge their skills and how they can create content for the game.

    Here is your thread the Applicant's Progress Zone.

    Thank you,

    Co-Lead | Level Designer

  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    Welcome aboard Ben! :icon_pirate2: :icon_grog:

    Co-Lead | Level Designer

  • Benvox2Benvox2 PVKII Team, Beta Tester
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    That is great to hear! Really sorry about my initial long delays!
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