Caustic Drunk Tales From Captain Rootjack

The Captain peers through the bottom of his shot glass before slamming it down
You can tell he is choosing what story will be birthed from that long frown
The following is the recollection of his words to the best that my memory serves
In all my years of sailing this big pond, there is only one man who stomps on my nerves
He works not for the Navy, any country, or for any amount of wealth
Fighting purely for fun, despite his failing mental health
Dreams of many men have been crushed beneath his knuckles
But to him they are just another notch in his buckle
Once I had him dangling from a rope over sharks hungry for his skin
Greedy for that last look of desperation, but I was met only with a grin
Mentally sunk, he broke my arm then slammed me into the deck
He even requested that we do this again before leaving me in that wreck
Captain Rootjack slowly rubbed his arm before tapping on the bar for another drink
That smile is so vile I still lie at night only able to think
What madness drives that lad to the sea
Who or what is he trying to flee
I always hope, but never expect to see him again for another fight
Oh what I'd give to choke that grin out with all my might
But we all know the fate that awaits the Otter
Tis his own hand that will finally send him to the deepest of waters
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