Whats YOUR favorite thing about pvk2?



  • Links121995Links121995 Beta Tester, Authorized Creator
    edited 3:03AM
    I like the depth of the characters and gameplay, and appreciate the map design, visuals, and audio.

    I also appreciate the silliness. Before a game begins, I'll be planning and plotting without pause, but as the combat gets more intense, I find that my train of thought leads to VALHALLA or directs me to deal DEATH BY MASSIVE SWORD.
  • Teh_SuxTeh_Sux Senior
    edited September 2014
    I used to love the insane custom maps and the server where they were hosted. After a while, these servers disappeared so I lost interest but now I want to play it badly.

    Other than that, it's just the absurdity of the whole game and the weird occurrences that take place in it.
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