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We have some of the same or similar questions coming up quite regularly. This thread aims to answer them in the most concise way possible and avoid these questions from reappearing again and again.

Any threads that appear asking the same questions as already answered in here will be deleted. So please take your time to think about whether your question was already answered in this thread. Thank you.

Q: When does X class come out?
A: New classes require model creation, animation, coding, bug testing and balancement, which takes a long time altogether. So we can not give you a release date and we can not say how close to completion the class is. It will be done when it's done.

Q: Is the game dead/development dead?
A: No. The development for the game is not dead. No matter how often you may hear people tell you that, word of mouth should not be trusted. Development is just very slow and the community of active players small, but there is still activity, just as there has always been. We have beta tests every week during which new content gets tested.

Q: Why is development so slow?
A: We work on PVKII in our spare time and have our own work and lives that take away much time from development. Many of our developers can only spend a few hours a week to work on new content for the game. There is also the problem that we lack manpower. We need more active developers, there is pretty much never a time when we aren't looking for new talent. But even with many e-mails going out to many talented people, only a handful of them are interested in working on our game and even fewer are willing to endure Source's clumsy content creation pipeline.

Q: Will the game ever become a commercial title?
A: This is highly unlikely. PVKII has always been available for free and is meant to always remain free. The Co-Founders of PVK1 do not wish the name and concept of "Pirates, Vikings, & Knights" a commercial property. PVKII will always be a passion project regardless of the engine it is on. We have formed Octoshark Studios. PVKII is only the beginning.

Q: Can I be a Beta-Tester?
A: We recruit new Beta-Testers in waves and select people who are active on the forums and in game. If you are interested you need to bring much patience for testing, must like sharing your feedback and be able to contribute to discussions. Of course it is also vital that you are friendly, like communicating with others and are good at listening and understanding other people.

Q: I want to translate this game/I want to fix the bad translation this game has, what do I do?
A: Read more here.
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