How to fix invisible players

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Hi guys, you may have had a problem before where other player's characters were invisible in a game. This could often get you killed from a surprise attack.
To fix this problem, press the button below escape (ESC) and above TAB (This applies to a standard qwertyuiop keyboard), that may look similar to ` to open the console.
If you have already enabled the console, skip this section
If you have not enabled the console (The console is by default disabled), then open the menu and select Options. In options, you should be in the Keyboard tab. Click on the "advanced" button near the bottom of the menu and then check the box "enable developer console." You have now enabled the console.

When you press `, you should automatically open the menu and a brown box with text in it. In the input section at the bottom, you need to record a demo (Ingame video) to get rid of invisible players. Type "record <demoname>" then after a few seconds, type "stop" to stop recording the demo. You should have now fixed your invisible player problem!

*NOTE* This doesn't permanently fix the problem over your games, when you run into an invisible player just record a demo again.
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