My spray on PVKII is invisible

auristellaauristella Senior
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Hi I have an issue:

I want to use a spray who is a .gif. I separated the frames and used it with VTFedit. Then, I created a VMT file and copied it on pvkii\materials\VGUI\logos and UI folder too.
But the problem is the spray is invisible. How can I repair that? Suggestions please, and thanks for comment. :)


  • KOKORONOKAWARIKOKORONOKAWARI Funny Little Japanese Drawing Person Senior
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    Does it work in other Valve games like TF2? If so it is probably because it is too big for PVK2 which uses an older Source SDK until we upgrade to 2013 version.

    Try it on other Valve games and use this as a resource:


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  • auristellaauristella Senior
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    Yes I forgot! In tf2 the spray is not invisible. I will try it again with your answer, thank you :)
  • Echo of the pastEcho of the past Members, Senior
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    I have this problem, too. I tried a bunch of .gif sprays that work fine in tf2 and none of them worked in pvk.
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