found weird bug with steam pvk2 download *from steam page*

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>error message(Setup file 'gameinfo.txt' doesn't exist in subdirectory 'pvkii' . Check Your -game parameter or VCONFIG setting.)< I am having this issue, and I noticed when I hit *browse* location on the steam download pvk2, it brought me to like a folder named source 2007 ect ect, and not a pvkii folder... I have played this game a lot before so I do not know why it is giving me a issue now. I tried googling the issue and it seems they have fixes for every other game BUT this one...
Any help would be great! Here is my specs/pc here is the screenshots, the game somehow automaticly installs to the source folder... weird, the pvkii folder is empty to? it is very strange... there is no PVK in my *username* folder either :\ just says source sdk base 2007. I have tried to fix this myself because I am pretty good at dealing with mods and what not, but the steam installer like somehow merged this with the source folder and somehow the files are either somewhere else or hidden very good. It is really causing me a lot of stress... I love PVK2 :\ I posted this in steam forums also, but I figured I should post here for a quicker response! *Update* When I restart my steam client, the game is then removed, I am reinstalling right now to see if that may fix it now that it installed whatever was needed before IE, I already had source 2006/2007 installed previously. I even tried the old client.blob delete trick and deleting all the files (not folders) in my steam client to fix this. (Also I can't properly space for some reason here, it won't let me go to the next line text in this post for god only knows why! So that is why this is all smooshed together sorry!)


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    Could you please try to organize your post a little? Thanks.
    I can't say I've seen anything like this before though.
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    Had to rush it, it was copy/pasted from steam forums. I am sure a little disorganization won't disrupt your ability to read... I am guessing you just came in to not help at all... but instead talk about my grammar :P.
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