Wallhack "developer" cbowrealoading hacker @ weedass raidmax island only server

FinlordFinlord Senior
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Record --> http://www.paste.fi/.../13532654605372 and steam id Jasonsonsofabitch.png


  • Dr. ODr. O Minister of Roggen Senior
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    Don't cry about hackers. Humiliate them.
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    15:55 - Sir Whiskeyngton: well you're the minister of roggen
    15:55 - Sir Whiskeyngton: you'd just be doing your job
    15:56 - Sir Whiskeyngton: I need to send an army of monks to the enemy
    15:56 - Sir Whiskeyngton: since I'm the minister of propaganda

    5:22 PM - Felis catus: QSBtYW4gY2hvb3NlcywgYSBzbGF2ZSBvYmV5cywgQWxsIHdvcmsgYW5kIG5vIHBsYXkgbWFrZXMgU2lyIFdoaXNrZXluZ3RvbiBhIGR1bGwgYm95Lg==
    5:22 PM - Felis catus: base64
    5:23 PM - Sir Whiskeyngton: nab
    5:23 PM - Felis catus: dr o could translate that without a decoder
    5:23 PM - Felis catus: he is a wizard
    5:23 PM - Felis catus: he actually programmed roggen
    5:24 PM - Felis catus: he programmed the world
    5:24 PM - Felis catus: how it behaves
    5:24 PM - Felis catus: dr o is god
    5:24 PM - Sir Whiskeyngton: lol
    5:24 PM - Sir Whiskeyngton: you forgot the first commandment
    5:25 PM - Sir Whiskeyngton: 1. Thou shalt have no gods; thou shalt only have Budnab.
    5:25 PM - Felis catus: dr o made him
    5:25 PM - Felis catus: dr o defined the gods
    5:25 PM - Felis catus: dr o did everything
    5:25 PM - Felis catus: he is the god

  • JunusJunus Senior
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    Dr. O wrote:

    Don't cry about hackers. Humiliate them.

    This. Whenever I see a hacker I just take it as a challenge/an opportunity for fun. It's quite amusing to kill a speedhacker with a well timed throwing axe or to trick him into falling to his death to name a few examples.
  • WintersunnWintersunn Land Lubber! Senior
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    This Jason is already known as Digitalkiller, the owner of the old server "24/7 Island Party". It's just another account of him.
    As far as I know, he uses a wallhack and he can look around while reloading his crossbow.

    Looking around while reloading , is possible if you are in thirdperson. So he may just change into thirdperson view to look around.

    I don't know how he did the thing with the title though, probably somehow with the reverse engeneering...
  • Trojan•CliniqueTrojan•Clinique Be precise. A lack of precision is dangerous. Senior
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    I killed a speed hacker with the gate yesterday, best day ever!
  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    Yea, this guy is a fridgein' joke.

    Everything has its beginning, hop aboard the grogboat!  
    Colonel: Co-Lead | Level Designer

  • FinlordFinlord Senior
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    Wintersunn wrote:

    This Jason is already known as Digitalkiller, the owner of the old server "24/7 Island Party".

    Ah it is that guy again. Won't he/she ever get bored of cheating?
  • yushyush Senior
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    I have no idea how hacking can be in any way amusing? Or other cheating. It puts You above other players and by breaking the rules you dont really win. Its like throw out the board while playing chess. Its stupid. But whatever. I never meet a hacker in PVK. Maybe because i play mostly FF servers ;)
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