How sprays work?

BarbonBarbon Senior
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everytime I seem to do one I do it with different formats like jpeg etc and they don't seem to work. What is the best way to do a spray pls so it works?


  • Cap1Cap1 Land Lubber! Banned
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    I change it to 24 bit bmp or png and crop it if needed on mspaint
  • HeiHei and truly did she know the name of the Kong Senior
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    if it's a jpeg resize it to 256x256
  • The Old FoxThe Old Fox Senior
    edited July 2012
    Your dimensions should be multiples of 16 (i.e. 128, 256, 512 etc) 512 probably being the upper limit. and I usually save my sprays as .TGA files. You can add transparency via the Alpha levels in a program such as Photoshop. If you want to make an animated spray look into a program called Sprayr. There are roughly infinity resources on the Internet about making sprays. Good hunting my friend.
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