Applicant Expectations

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Know what you're getting into
So you've read Crazytalk's application guidelines, and are dead-set on applying to be a part of the team. You're absolutely positive you have what it takes, and your groin is throbbing in anticipation. You are getting ready to embark on what could very well be, the greatest quest of your life: becoming a PVK2 developer. Your talents and accolades are known across the world. You are both feared and respected in the source modding community, and have come here to add a bit of your greatness to our game.

Excellent! But heed my warning, we are no longer accepting developers who have not finished work. FROM THIS DAY FORTH, applicants will remain applicants until their application task has been COMPLETED & IS HIGH QUALITY, or IF DEVELOPERS HAVE SEEN ENOUGH OF YOUR WORK. If you have impending obligations that will halt your progress to no foreseeable end, I suggest you turn the other direction.

With love,
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