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As the individual weapon script files are now encrypted .ctx files, how does one go about altering weapon stats? There are a couple things I'd like to tweak slightly when I get a server up. I understand limiting these things if people are hosting servers where everybody has all the weapons (which is a PANTSONHEAD thing to do in the first place and is IIRC the reason they were originally encrypted), but it's also understandable for a server owner to want to slightly alter output on their server - for example, I plan on tweaking the flintlock slightly so skirmishers actually have to swing a sword. Back in 2.2 I hosted a short-lived server that I had altered the weapons in a lot of silly ways - super slow no-gravity arrows, for example.

Any of the devs, scripters or owners have any word on this?

My alternate is using Sourcemod to do this, but I'd prefer it this way.


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    I hate to see no one reply to this. As I said before, the Developers probably wouldn't allow this since that is the exact reason why they are encrypted CTX files. I could be mistaken though. I'm just repeating myself from that conversation we had. Haha.
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    I could try to whip up an SM plugin for controlling this stuff.

    But it would be way nicer to just have non-encrypted CTX files.
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    I'm fairly certain it can be done with SDKhooks, but yeah it would be nicer.
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