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I may start mapping again since I have nothing to do. However, I wish I have various texture questions. Here are following questions:

1) Is there a murky water texture such as greenish and dark? I was going to use it a poisoned water or something. If it does not exist, I might use the lava texture even though it doesn't look so great.

2) The texture used in Aztec (forget what it's name is, I'll describe it) that has the red border around it, is 1024x1024, and is seen in Temple and Arena causes me issues. May someone modify it so it only has the red border and include a bumpmap and be tileable? If not, I'll make do by making a bunch of geometry.

3) May someone recommend Aztec and wood textures that look nice in mapping? For example, the textures that were used in Temple and Arena.

4) Some textures on brush entities look low quality. Could it be from being on a brush besides func_detail? func_detail provides the highest quality for textures, yes?

I probably have more questions I am unable to think of at the moment. I may start threads similar to this about models, lighting, and all. I'm pretty much starting basics on mapping again. I feel that I've skipped important details in Hammer such as lighting and entities. So please, answer the questions provided.


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    1. only found that: there isn´t something like this in pvkii-materials

    2.don´t know of what you speak will take a look later

    3. hmm all textures should look nice in mapping.. it always depends on what you want to achieve the de_corse textures are especially awesome i think (theres a cool old-wood one)
    the temple and arena textures are all called aztec or so don´t they?

    4 just higher the texture resolution.. select the face with the texture and set the size from 0.25 to anything lower


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    1) Those don't really suit my needs, they are to colorful.

    2) I'm home now and have access to the PVKII content. The texture is called alter.vtf. It is located in aztec/alter.vtf in the GCF file.

    3) I'm going for a Temple and possibly Arena theme. de_corse works, thanks.

    4) Yes, I know that. What I meant was on other faces the textures appeared to have cheap textures such as lack of bumpmap and terrible lighting.

    Thank you for help. I will need some more though.
  • TschoppoTschoppo the choppin´ Senior
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    4) if it´s a brush that could move(even if it actuallally doesn´t) the lightning will be dynamical and so has a lower quality (i think)


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    So then everything has pretty much been answered. I may use lava instead of dark water. I know who could modify a texture for me. I've used the lava texture in the past, I don't remember if it emits it's own light. Does it? If not, should I use a light entity?
  • KakisKakis Senior
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    Brush entities does not have any texture quality loss and the lava doesn't emit light, you'll have to create your own lights.
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