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People might have noticed a new server up from time to time called 'BeansPants Map Hosting'. I just feel like advertising it. It's not dedicated since I don't have money to do so but it will commonly be up on Fridays through Sundays and sometimes throughout the week. It's usually up longest on Friday. It features LTS and TW maps as shown below:


There is 33 tick and is hosted in western US. I haven't found many local servers to me so I made my own. I can barely play because there are only about 3-4 local servers but I dislike most of them. My server offers good moderation. It still needs SourceMod which I haven't had time to set up. I'll try my best to keep the server up longer periods of time.

If you wish to join use this IP:

Soon I will be editing the server.cfg and change time limits and such. If there are any maps you'd like to see on here, tell me and I'll consider it. However, I may not host custom maps. I've had great times on this server. Usually a have a friend playing there. So almost all the time the server will have a minimum of 2 players on it.

If ever anyone has the chance to join or you've been there, tell me how it was and how I can improve.


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