Bass/Treble issues win7

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Can't change bass levels in win 7
I have bose speakers for my new comp, I can't seem to find any drivers on the Bose site for them. I can't seem to adjust the bass and treble using the windows settings, it gives me levels but, not bass and treble. Any help appreciated.
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    Usually such controls/software comes with sound card. So I'd check your motherboard soundcard, or if you have have pci soundcard, check drivers CD.

    There no drivers for speakers, since they just produce noise that being sent from soundcard. You don't need drivers for MP3 player once you change speakers/headphones, do you?

    tip1: You don't really have to change settings, games sounds adjusted the way the supposed to be played, if you boost bass, you might miss lots of sounds.
    tip2: If it for music/video, you can adjust frequency (VLC player) --
    tip3: use appropriate forums for it. PVKII forums are for PVKII related discussions.

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    If your Bose speakers came with an amp it may or may not have, depending on the model, sliders/knobs to adjust basic frequency ranges.

    Otherwise, there's no EQ settings within Windows itself. There are EQ settings for WMP if you use that, as well as probably most third party mainstream players (WinAmp, iTunes, VLC). You'll need a dedicated sound card if you want to be able to adjust overall EQ settings through software.

    This is the software from the Asus Xonar Essence series of sound card that has an EQ feature built in:

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