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  • NiveNive PVKII Team
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    That new picture is filled with goodies! The new HP bar is much more compact and accessible, harkening back to typical bars for games like this. The new ticket and chest counters are just as improved.
    And of course Forgotten hasn't been forgotten! Huzzah!
  • MrMohoMrMoho Senior
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    That new HP bar is definitely a huge plus. This together with the damage indikator will help new players fathom just how much survivability or damage output a class has and for veterans just how much longer exactly he can stay on the front and take a hit from a certain class, or if he should retreat and heal up.
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    Glad to see the streams returning tomorrow can't wait! Can I suggest you put an announcement about it on steam though.
  • Chedda CheezChedda Cheez Senior
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    What a pleasant surprise! I enjoyed the previous streams so much, I can only imagine this will kick up my hype even more.
    I mean, I get hyped just seeing, say, one picture of progress in any given week. But d'ese be the movin' pictures!

    Welcome to Cheez's PVKII Funtime Class!
    Rule #1: Have fun. [incredulous gasping ripples throughout the room]

    That concludes Funtime Class! We didn't have the funding for a lengthy seminar. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Stop by again for our next lesson: "Heavy Knight's Heaving Heart: How to Write Poetry for Swords!"

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    Beautiful job with Bondi's first-person rig there, gents! :icon_archer: :archer:
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  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    Hey guys, so we know you may or may not use trello, but I feel we should use this thread as like a mini update thread from us where we can give you short text updates. If we have any very wip images they will be on trello, and further along stuff will be on social media. I've been busy with school but ive managed to stay in the loop. Let us know what you'd like to see on Social media, or if you have any questions about our dev (that aren't on the FAQ page)

    Here's whats been worked on lately:
    - Spirrwell has been working really hard on a lot of really important things. One mainly our dismemberment/ gibs! Juicyfruit is doing finishing touches. Models are done. Code and texture work is left. We would like them to be in the next update, but no guarentees.
    - Felis has been working on rule sets, demos, add-on manager, and gamemodes
    - These guys are an amazing duo and are checking things off every week!
    - Lord B has been doing some great first person animations for us
    - Links went above and beyond and helped us with range weapon stuns, something our game has needed for awhile
    - Schatzmeister who worked on temple upgrade which is a one or two models away from completion has helped us out with cara
    - Latteh and myself have teamed up to get desertruin upgrade to a release-able state for you guys
    - Hurtcules continues his awesome dedication working on glacier
    - Popemaster has whipped together a stellar spreadsheet of our achievements, we ditched our old slow document, and we've got another wave for achievement artists assemble
    - oh and the amazing Corvalho - check out his latest dev journal post, ya mon!

    Notice theres a common thread here. A lot of people and a lot of passion - we get nowhere without them. These guys are just a few of our awesome Dev, Tester, Creator/ Contributor teams!

    That's all I can think of now, stay tuned for our Winter Recap and I think we got another release around the corner.

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