A New PVK Server!

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Yup, it's true
I decided to make a PVK server since I recently bought HL1. However it is not dedicated. It also uses Hamachi (sorry for that). It's a good server since there are usually a couple players and about two bots. Maybe no one cares, but I'd like some more people to join. You will need Hamachi in order to join. Get it here:

Now once you have it, you will need to join my network. To join, open Hamachi and click on 'Network' which is located next to 'System'. Click 'Join existing network...' and now enter my ID and Password. They are:

ID - BeansPants

Password - 1a2a3b

My name on Hamachi is ミズゴロウ, the same on these forums and Steam. If I'm online, try to join the server because it may be up. You may need my Hamachi IP. My IP is Simply open the console on PVK and type 'connect' in it.

Sorry that you have much work to do in order to join. You have to do these steps in order to join.

Oh, this should have been under the 'Servers' thread shouldn't it? Feel free to move it if it is necessary.


  • Bingo BangoBingo Bango one-eyed willy PVKII Team
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    Probably, but I don't mind it being here to avoid confusion that it's a PVK1 server.

    I'll give joining a go tomorrow - snowed in by work now - but good work keeping the old horse alive!
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    Oh good! I'll alert you whenever the server is up. I'll need more players. So far I've got about two others.
  • Bingo BangoBingo Bango one-eyed willy PVKII Team
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    I know of three or perhaps four more who'd be interested
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    You should invite them, we need all the players we can get. Also, what is the best PVK map? I liked pvk_pinegrove but I'd need more players to go there.
  • Bingo BangoBingo Bango one-eyed willy PVKII Team
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    colossus is one of my favourites, and everyone loves grogboat.

    I know peeepeewilson, havok and probably akz will be interested in some PVK1. I'm totally knackered at the moment, otherwise I'd come play with you today - stayed up until 10AM this morning doing uni work!
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    OK, I'll host those. I'm not on to often though just to let you know. Also, what country are you at? You seem to be around when I'm not.
  • GourdainGourdain Senior
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    I just noticed your avatar is mudkip smile.gif
    Gourdain the guardian!
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    Yup, I do like Mudkips.
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