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    There is no punishment for missing an attack with the sword and axe per-se, rather, the punishment for missing enough attacks is a lack of reward, followed by death.

    Remember to block counter-attacks. The Sword and Axe respond quickly.
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    Cotxe wrote:

    Hello everyone

    Im new player, just installed game yesterday and i like the game already - it looks pretty fun. However i got lot of problems with killing people. No matter what class i choose i always fail.

    Are there any tips for absolute begginers? Ive read this thread but everything here looks bit to advanced for pure dinahs.
    Also, what class would you reccomand me to play? Which one is easiest?

    I think heavy knight and hurscarl are the easiest classes. If your opponent is blocking your attacks you have to use always fully charged attacks. It is very simple advice but many new players dont get that no matter how many times you block their hits. You have to be patience when fighting skilled opponent.
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    Welcome to the game Cotxe
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    So class strategies aside as I already have a comprehension of that.

    When is a good time to glue yourself to any enemy? Ironically I find it harder to hit someone that's exactly right up in my face no matter what direction I swing from.

    Watching the player "Things went from bad to mexican" makes me realize how awful I am in a one-on-one situation versus anyone more competent with landing hits and dodging attacks or even parrying in extremely close quarters, I think he keeps taking advantage of me and slipping to my blindspots and or backside

    I think playing in thirdperson gives a massive advantage to achieving this, but it's still pretty jarring
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    I only glue myself to high pingers since for whatever reason their reach is in front of them a bit more than normal ping.

    I stay close but not insanely close to miss my view. In the case of the player you mention, this is how I normally defeat him because he tends to focus people he knows he can beat to special the rest (flees otherwise). I wouldn't have used him for the example you said since that LTS playstyle doesn't work with competent players.

    Backswings are really nice up close as well for landing the full hits.

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    I haven't seen any tips for the Sharpshooter yet so I'll try and help if anyone is interested in playing him.

    1. Don't use the sights on the rifle (except sky_pirates). Since both the pistol and the rifle require you to lead your target when shooting, it can be difficult to hit a moving target over a long distance. Shooting this way you miss more than you hit, and spend all your time reloading and not helping the team. The better/safer way is to wait till your enemy is very close and shoot from the hip, catching them off guard and inflicting lots of damage in a short amount of time.
    2. 90% pistol, 10% rifle. This is the easiest way to build your special.The rifle is the finisher in most cases, the pistol is your main way to wear them down since it reloads much faster. The point is to shoot them with the pistol until they are close and then blast them with the rifle which should = death.
    3. Always run. Since you are easy to kill this is how you stay alive. The SS is fast like the archer, use your speed to run and shoot.
    4. Save the special. As hard as it may be, saving your special could be the difference in winning or losing a round. I've found that the end of the round is the best time to use it when everyone's health is low. Take advantage of the big blast radius. Everyone will be chasing you and it is easy to turn around and surprise them and get multiple kills.

    Some learn better by watching, here is a frag video I made recently:

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    Would you guys recommend playing with a lower FoV when using a melee class?

    Highest FoV is a no brainer when it comes to ranged classes, as it gives a really nice advantage; but i've come to realize that there's a really bad placebo effect when trying to melee in high fov, there's like dead zones all around the screen where your weapon won't actually hit
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    A very well put together guide my friend.
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