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  • dm_dawn https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1552739811
  • I will tell you a litle about 'Instances'. Hammer SDK doesn't support weird angles brushwork that's off grid. That means most of the time you will have to work vertically/horizontally and created blocky maps that kinda become boring. It's nice to h…
  • So I'll start by one simple option in Hammer called 'Manifest'. Creating a manifest (.vmm) in hammer allows you to work on multiple maps (.vmf's) in a single project. - It can be usefull when you are working with a partner on a single map. A level…
  • Mannn I just realised I spend to much time in hammer... when seing the topic its title I thought it was about clipping maps 
    in Clips Comment by Roald July 23
  • Knights Gilbert the Great (Heavy Knight) Smelly Sebastien or Stinky Sebastien (Man at Arms) Precisely Pascall (Archer) Accurate Alric (Archer) Vikings Furious Farulf (Berserker) Ragnar the Red (Beserker) Larni Lonewolf (Bondi) WIP... will edit this…
  • @PhoneBooth his textures and re-skins in action
  • In just a few days I managed to create some basic geometry for the last part of the map. Afther this it's time to add alot more details, custom assets and special effects!
  • This is really dope! Great work. I love the hoodie on her
  • Close up spider https://imgur.com/Axq5h1h A spider creating a web, really interesting and peacefull to observe https://imgur.com/Za8urfG Some knight armor https://imgur.com/g0pndVF Forrest https://imgur.com/4MCDqWH Heathen https://imgur.com/kxnH…
  • Coool! I love your cartoonish style and how you bring so many details and shape with just lines