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  • Colonel said: What is your favorite part about PVKII? What do you enjoy the most? Share below or on Steam! I enjoy BT maps. I like playing bt_pinegrove the most. There are many mechanics like shields and rolls, classes and character…
  • Hi. How about making a fb profile pic frames? It will work for building larger community I think. Don't know how should it look like.
  • Bagas wrote: That would look lame, and players can leave their game open, the hours will still count. If it's about checking experience of player... maybe just count finished rounds? It looks simple. >round started, and you've just j…
  • I think of simple soultion. You want to know something about players skill, so you can check profile for played hours, but it takes time. How about adding hours counter to TAB overview?
  • Beroxardas wrote: Here is example, don`t mind if numbers are invalid I'm not sure if it's good idea. Maybe just showing % of achieved achievements next to "supporter" or "official pvkii" points etc. when holding TAB would be great idea. …
  • I've seen raven on the seio-kona concept art. How about adding white pidgeon for Knights? As cosmetic or something more.
  • Ok. So how about "Red Green Blue" title. Sounds so meaningful! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4gVVzPcbG_8RzVHcTlXZDlLSUk/view?usp=sharing
  • Is it possible to do a hat in TF2 for achievement in PVKII or something?? I think it's great idea, because I used to like tf2 the most until i started playing PVKII (now pvkii is my favorite game). And im not sure if it's good to change name now,…
  • http://steamcommunit...s/?id=905052358 Here's another strange thing. To do this I used parrot then parrot was killed and i was waiting for another with the hook. Dont know if only I see this. Ofc it's not from other charackter, there are just 2 p…