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  • This server has a soundlist like "rogan" or "wololo" 10/10 I go everytime for that.
  • Chivalry has the same story, as archer, when you're out of arrows, you must pick your dagger/short sword for fight and reloading the crossbow is the same story as Sharpshooters who reload their rifles, about balancing players experiences, I don't ha…
  • I had a terrible experience with chivalry's community too but i think it's not gonna be the same story, the PVK community is different, I never saw a good player being arrogant against a dinah, I saw pro players raging against dinahs cause they're n…
  • Such rogan.
  • Before Squeezie made his video, the game was empty of new players, now we have a bunch of dinahs for training ourselves and perform our combat skills without being touched or deal with more opponements alone. Of course it's a little bit frustrating…
  • I started played since 2012 by seeing one of my friend playing in, I was curious, gave a try, got beaten a lot of times, gave up to play again, and i restarted re-played in around 2013-2014, thanks to a friend who encouraged me to retry again and i …
  • Yes, the sound crash for an instant but not for 5-10 seconds and after the game close and a window appears who say: "HL2.exe has stopped working". Anyway, I'll check Nvidia forums for more informations, you helped me a lot, thank you ^^.
  • Pirates: Gimme teh booty! Vikings: You are no man! Knights: Wee wee!
  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70 GHz NVIDIA GeForce 840M RAM : 6,00 Go It's a laptop also. (PS: Thank you CrazyTalk for your answer, I disabled avanced powder effects, maybe it will work)
  • in cute Comment by Koryuumi July 2015