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El Negro
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  • There was a practical despite terrible reason for removing body counts; physics and engine. Nowadays all engines use physics instead of animations for body manipulation, and physics is very demanding even today. PVKII uses exactly that, don't thin…
    in Great idea Comment by El Negro May 12
  • That is some very nice fucking lighting. Can't wait to try it out with the Beckman-shading weapons.
  • Most of these suggestions you give will only make the game and its classes differ too much from eachother. 1. I do agree with the shields being "broken", but I don't think the devs even care to do anything major about it. 2. Objective Gamemode is …
  • RoBiNHooD321 said: Sitting in spec and talking trash is about all you can do. RoBiNHooD321 said: that just proved you don't have a life either, which is quite obvious kiddo haha RoBiNHooD321 said: guess who gives a…
  • LittleBirdy said: Thank you El. By the way this isn't the first time he has been captured , please check this out: https://steamcommunity.com/id/mehkind/screenshots/  for abuse. For anything, Mehkind actually doesn't argue with anyone. He …
  • RoBiNHooD321 said: Very constructed response butthurt ! Oh yes, let your patheticness flow, you are merely satisfying the schadenfreude of a million people! The more people know about how pathetic you truly are, the more satisfied I wi…
  • PVKII players, please, screenshot this, record it, even make a 10 minute YouTube video of this just to prove how utterly pathetic RobinHood is! This is a master piece, a master piece that will sadly be..."Dealt" with, in a VERY negative way. Don't …
  • Finlord said: If I recall correctly the last update made possible to limit classes. So maybe in the future custom te maps could disable skirmishers instead of whole pirate team to avoid keg spam. Limit Skirmisher to 0 is like limiting Ar…
  • shayologo said: I disagree all your proposition (only N°3 is good) It's will to much unbalance TW mods, will let no chance and no challenge for team with very-good player I see no reason why you would disagree when there's no "unbalance". …
  • I don't think "KOTH" maps will ever be worth it. One territory is always chaotic, but it will be even more so in PVKII because the Pirates have many ways to deal with the group and that one single territory. Meanwhile, Knights have HKs' specials an…
  • El Negro said: Is it me, or did I actually really wasted my time making this suggestion thread regarding Trinket Wars? You did waste your time, dumbass!
  • Ukyo Kuonji said: but there needs to be at least a consistent flow of stuff to keep people interested. Like what exactly? It's obvious nobody gives an absolute shit at all about bug fixes, minor additions and texture/model changes.
  • A person called "CrazyTalk" will contact you and add you into the Donators group, giving you access to gold kills. That is, if you indeed confirmed your donation.
  • We already have concepts of healer classes, check them out in PVKII Wiki.
  • LTS is merely DM...Where you have to wait a long time for everybody to die. Surprised "don't have enough time to play" people really feckin' love it.
  • Finlord wrote: I don't. DM feels so pointless. Says the guy who plays LTS ' />