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That Guy That Knows Things About a Lot of Things


  • Yeah, it was removed to make room for the call vote button. That was poor decision as you can't mute people in spectators or if the list becomes too large on the scoreboard. You can access the mute menu from the console for the time being by enterin…
  • Finlord said: I don't want to be an asshole and ban people on first offense of smaller things So same few people keeps ruining other people's games for day after a day and you still consider it the first offence of smaller thing? …
  • El Negro said: Spirrwell said: Nah, that's an awful idea. You see even if it were a rule, you'd need an admin there to deal with it, so I find the most fun way is to just enable friendly fire. That is not "fun", your definitio…
  • El Negro said: Raptor Jesus said: Sadly, it isn't against the rules to do stuff like that on Spirrwel's servers. So the best thing to do then is to just ignore them, or try to join a team without them. Sounds like the actual real…
  • Alright, I just pushed some fixes to Steam for PVK2's Mac version, please let me know if it stops crashing.
  • I've tested, and I can confirm the crash. It doesn't seem to happen if I create a game, but it does happen if I join a game. If either of you can confirm that as well, I'd appreciate it. I'll look into the issue some more. It's an odd crash.
  • Yeah your system hardware isn't a problem here. It just comes down to your Internet speeds. Forward port 27015 if necessary on your router and you should be able to host. If it just works for you, don't worry about it. However if it doesn't and you…
  • This isn't major, but for bulleted lists, it seems if I have multiple lines and highlight them and press the "ordered list" button, it doesn't automatically create bullets for the highlighted lines. Whereas this forum does. * Line test * Test l…