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That Guy That Knows Things About a Lot of Things


  • PirateBandit said: Colonel said: What is your favorite part about PVKII? What do you enjoy the most? Share below or on Steam! The smoothness of the game, the fact that you don't die immediately, the fact that there are 3 teams o…
  • Friendly fire already has most of what you want built in. You can't explicitly set it to reduce keg damage, but by default all friendly fire damage is halved. There's a list of the different friendly fire settings you have. As you can see, mp_ff_…
  • Do you mean for classes to be able to select alternate weapons to choose from? If so, we don't know. It's a possibility, but it may simply be cosmetically different weapons and not functionally different. Nothing is planned though, so anything is po…
  • Bondi already has his voice lines recorded. So once they're all spliced up and ready, it won't be too much longer.
  • Actually the shield bash range is about the same as the HK's two handed sword.