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  • The projectile-based guns have been that way for ages and they make sense. These aren't glocks, these are flintlocks and powder-based muzzle-loading guns. Also using hitscan would make aimbot cheaters even more awful.
  • http://pvkiifastdl.spirrwelltech.com/pvkii/maps/bt_tower_remake_b1.bsp
  • Hey, almost 20 days later ain't bad. But yeah, this was discussed on the Discord server a while ago. The Gestir nerf to the javelins was unintended. Before we released 4.0 we were testing potentially giving headshots to all ranged weapons, and a lo…
  • I really think that "Categories" should be the default page, and recent posts\threads should be shown on the sidebar. That and fix some of the stuff that's broken Also bring back +Rep
  • We already have an Assassin prototype that we're working from. All things are subject to change, but here's a rough outline of what we have. She has a stiletto dagger, a crossbow pistol, and caltrops. Her dagger does more damage from behind. Her …
  • Thanks, this issue was already reported here https://steamcommunity.com/app/17570/discussions/1/1752358461541104215/ and has already been fixed on our end ready for when we post the next patch which will be very soon.
  • PirateBandit said: Colonel said: What is your favorite part about PVKII? What do you enjoy the most? Share below or on Steam! The smoothness of the game, the fact that you don't die immediately, the fact that there are 3 teams o…
  • Friendly fire already has most of what you want built in. You can't explicitly set it to reduce keg damage, but by default all friendly fire damage is halved. There's a list of the different friendly fire settings you have. As you can see, mp_ff_…