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  • QUOTE (The Old Fox @ Jun 28 2011, 07:18 PM) » Cocaine, bold women and delicious grooves are my only weaknesses. I listen to that song 8 times a day. :L
  • I'll have to tell my buddy to do that, he couldn't play PVK2 but he could play Garry's Mod and CS:S, a bit weird.
  • My IRL buddy has the same problem, and I know for a fact no one stole his account.
  • They're awesome. Gonna use the huscarl as my spray, definitely.
  • I can't get the 3d skybox to work at all so I'm leaving it out. Interlopers tutorial gave me either the entire map doubled into the skybox or invisible water/no 3d skybox. I guess the map is almost done. I'll release it some time soon.
  • QUOTE (Waxy @ May 20 2011, 07:56 AM) » Thanks Tschoppo, you're a great help. I'll get on it. Edit: I tried making a 3d skybox using the tutorial but part of it was confusing. " remember to delete the reference geometry and also the sky_camera …
  • Thanks Tschoppo, you're a great help. I'll get on it.
  • Thanks for the great help, you've all been darlings. I need just a few more tips. First: I put some func_chestzones and weapon_chests where the should be in the map, but I need to know how to put in ticket counters. I think right now you can sit aro…
  • Thanks, gonna get straight to it! The map is bt_topofthetower, and it's a short Booty map between Pirates and Knights. 40 tickets for Knights and 30 for Pirates, with Knights starting with the only two chests. I don't know if it'll be very well bala…
  • I'm running into a few more problems with my first map in PVK2/first map I'm actually working hard on. It takes place in an ocean, on an island, so I went right ahead and put some water in my map: As you can see I've got a barren and dried up ocean.…
  • Thanks again!
  • Thanks for the help with displacements, I got em working fine and I'm making rocks and islands like a pro! I want to stick a pirate ship into my map (preferably the one from bt_island) but I don't know how to get that model. I know how to do prop_st…
  • Thanks everyone! I don't have time to look through right now but I will soon!
  • Was this your first PVK2 map or your first map EVER?!? Because holy crap, if t's the latter I've been doing everything wrong and will never be a good mapper.
    in Te_Palace Comment by Waxy May 2011
  • I was expecting a Fresh Prince or Walk the Dinosaur ending. Oh well.
  • QUOTE (Hellsten @ May 9 2011, 11:54 AM) » So basically small changes to the skin to add some variation, then have random skins applied to players as they spawn. This, this, this this this this this this. Please.
  • It'd be great if it was more vertical, maybe had some diving-board like areas where you could jump onto pools of water on lower islands. But it's great as is and I love the map.
  • I found another disconnecter in the Loony Bin. He went by the name of Bubbles deVere, or something similar. Disconnected whenever he got into a losing fight. Couldn't catch his ID.
  • Grenade launcher attachment for the sharpshooter rifle. (kidding) I support javelin damage gong through shields. Javelins are strong, they're big, and you can only carry 3, so it would fit the game.
  • I'd play if others played. Killing zombies in that one territory map is boring.
  • I love the Sharpshooter model you guys posted. Much better than the one from the concept art, in my opinion.
  • This worked. I disabled the browser, ran the game, and it was all normal. Re-enabled the browser, still perfect. Thanks Sverek
  • ohai WeeMachine. I believe I saw you ingame some time ago. Sky Pirates map. I was kegging. You were blocking. Apologies for the rude words. OT: I don't think you can change headbobbing, and if you could it would affect all the classes, no? We don't …