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  • The Gestir when I'm sober and can actually aim, and the Captain when not. Sending folks flying with the blunderbuss always makes me giggle, as do javelin kills.
  • I'd love to play, if someone would host a server.
  • I really doubt they've squished any more important bugs between their original planned release date a few days back till now that they haven't already squished in the year and a half they've already had. Besides, since all they're waiting for is f…
  • QUOTE (Jean Lafitte @ Dec 27 2009, 08:28 PM) » i gave my vote just for a lustrous future. Although i don't dare to play until new 2-5 classes become reality. ^This. I voted for the sake of a hopefully more enjoyable combat system in 2.3.
  • Tell you what: you guys gives us the update, and then we'll vote for your game. Seems fair, considering that it hasn't technically been updated within the past year, so it wouldn't feel right voting it Mod of the Year. Lol, the "Download Now!" but…
  • Why don't I go ahead and translate it into Ebonics for them? "Pirates be snatchin' up the Knight's bling!" "5 Minutes Left up in this Bitch!" "Vikings be frontin' on the territory now!"
    in Espa Comment by Stumpy December 2009