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  • I don't want to be an asshole and ban people on first offense of smaller things So same few people keeps ruining other people's games for day after a day and you still consider it the first offence of smaller thing?
  • Well at least goose is not going anywhere. Have have been doing this for years and have been banned from many servers already. I don't think these trolls have right to ruin this game for everyone else who tries to play along objectives.
  • If I recall correctly the last update made possible to limit classes. So maybe in the future custom te maps could disable skirmishers instead of whole pirate team to avoid keg spam.
  • Yes it is released. You can turn it on from options if it's not already.
    in Gore mod? Comment by Finlord April 8
  • El Negro wrote: LTS is merely DM...Where you have to wait a long time for everybody to die. LTS is more about competition for me. DM is like playing football without goals. El Negro wrote: Surprised "don't have enough time to p…
  • El Negro wrote: LTS The best mode for PVK alongside with booty mode.
  • AGSMA wrote: How much would you love to see a variant on it. I don't. DM feels so pointless.
  • Hohhohohohoo - Gestir laughing
  • Any idea why one part of this wall is invisible? https://gyazo.com/b2889e01004bc806c64834ac86d08b82 https://gyazo.com/54bbefa55ebcf82c45be34c9238d6cf8
  • No barriers pls. Idiot remains idiot when you force him to do the right thing.
  • The latest version can be downloaded from the workshop. b6_1->b6_2 changelog: -Increased lava and elevator spikes damage -Added color correction -Fixed misplaced spawn Thanks to El Negro for helping with testing.
  • Nice update but how do I upload anything to workshop?
  • Thanks for quick respond. Only custom animations I use is these gestir animations that can be found here: http://forums.pvkii.com/index.php?showtopic=15345&st=0&p=264179&hl=+gestir +animations&fromsearch=1&#entry264179 I'll tr…
  • Felis wrote: Workshop: It will launch with support for add-ons (or mods if you prefer) and partially maps. Great work but why only partially maps?
  • Colonel wrote: You've been at this map for years. I applaud you good sir! Yup. Need to take care of my very first map. Anyway I updated the map to b6.1. Fixed couple of missing textures (Thanks to El Negro for pointing them out)
  • alias givemebooty "voicemenu2; slot5" bind h* "givemebooty" *Button that activates it
  • Link for b6: http://gamebanana.com/maps/192340 Fixed some slippery and buggy displacements, changed lava so it wont instant kill you anymore, added secret place (can be used once per round), reduced horn shake effect, added some random stuff and …
  • http://www.interlopers.net/tutorials/1785 If you have done everything like in this tutorial then it is probably a leak. Copy your compile log here: http://www.interlopers.net/errors/ and it tells what is the problem.
  • El Negro wrote: Any good ol' progress goin' on? Nope, Sorry. I have been really busy lately. I'll try to do those things you showed me in near future. Combine™ wrote: Best if you add him if you want to contact him instead of br…
    in UnderWorld Comment by Finlord June 2016
  • Sounds like player originally called digital killer as far as I know. He changes his name all the time and plays only island servers. He have been banned many times from different servers but he just makes a new account and then continues. He even u…
    in Aimbot Comment by Finlord May 2016
  • UncleAcidTheBloodThirsty wrote: 1) How do I make chests / capture zones? 2) How do I make Turkey's, Armor, and Ammo packs? http://forums.pvkii.com/index.php?showtopic=14355 UncleAcidTheBloodThirsty wrote: 2) How do I make Turk…
  • Hey all. B5 Download link: http://www.paste.fi/file/14635021038379 Pics: https://gyazo.com/2cbec392b26cfd12f19a6d27488e8f09 https://gyazo.com/7485e9f7bf7ecd0d19b5b3387284a2b5 https://gyazo.com/a86b5c07c6aa19cc05f2d025b28f1611 I'm trying …
    in UnderWorld Comment by Finlord May 2016
  • There is not much progress because of my laziness. I'm going to finish couple of things and release the latest version hopefully within a week. There will be some unfinished areas.
    in UnderWorld Comment by Finlord May 2016
  • Beta 3 released. Download link: http://www.paste.fi/file/14608170258328 Changelog: - Removed music - Reduced fire ball sounds 50% - Increased HDR ambient lighting level 50% - Spawn are now protected and has more cover - Moved vikings spawn f…
    in lts_Void Comment by Finlord April 2016
  • Thank you for testing it. Those balance issues are easily fixed. I'll remove music altogether because its hard to find music that pleases everyone and it reduces map size 4mb.
    in lts_Void Comment by Finlord April 2016
  • El Negro wrote: Hey Finny, any Release Candidate for B5? I'd love to try this out...Hell, if it's good, it's gonna be in a dedicated server! There is not much work left so I could try to finish b5 in couple of weeks.
    in UnderWorld Comment by Finlord April 2016
  • Thanks for the feedback. I'll make some adjustments.
    in lts_Void Comment by Finlord April 2016
  • It's been awhile since I worked this map and I accidentally removed it. I had to compile it again so I hope there is not missing anything. There might be some minor fixes. te_Void_b2 http://www.paste.fi/file/14596983718312
    in lts_Void Comment by Finlord April 2016
  • Steam should download missing files when you go to pvkii -> properties -> local data -> verify cache
  • Sounds like unupdated graphics card thing.