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  • smutpirate said: Forge said: What software is used to develop games like PVKII and mods etc in the Half Life franchise? Did a quick search but wasn't easy to find the right answer. Curious as I think people could help more in the devel…
  • El Negro said: Source Engine. It sucks, nobody likes it and it's hastily being abandoned with hopes from developers that Source 2 comes out. ...Which will take so long you'd expect Bondi out sooner than Source 2, for comparisons. …
  • Yeh I thought that's what you meant haha. The Steam Box itself is meant to be like $600-$1,000 or something, or $1,000 for the most basic Steam Box going up. To be fair PVKII was such a fun addictive game when I played it on my PC I would conside…
  • "Don't expect to be paying" - we don't pay anyway?... unless that was just a typo. Ah ok that makes sense, it arrives as an almost empty machine pretty much but you can sign in to Steam when you first get it and download PVKII from there I imagin…
  • So im guessing 2.3 might be out during th summer then hopefully?
  • wow, fantastic job guys keep up the gd work!
  • Is pvkii ACTUALLY coming to the PS3 ^^? - I hope so :> (btw KTH, my PC won't start, so I can only talk from my PS3) :[ it will probably get fixed in 2 months from now, if your wondering why i havn't been online, so ill c'ya soon xD