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  • I couldn't help but lol when I saw all that rootjack I really hope it goes international
  • All sounds good (Y)
  • This stuff is all really good.
  • If you're having trouble with syllables, count the vowels in each line and it will usually be the same number (if you count 'y' as a vowel). Doesn't always work, double-check normally if it seems off.
  • Holy crap it's right after my exam I LOVE YOU GUYS
  • Aw man, the week my exams start is the week this comes out Oh well, more failed tests for me..
  • It's cool Good things come to those who wait.
  • I voted, but I think the Devs have tried to keep up hype for too long - it's put more people off than it's brought into 2.2 as it is.
  • QUOTE (Aura89 @ Nov 8 2009, 10:43 PM) » I'm not seeing anything about the move to orange box in this updated, is it going to be delayed once again? In the Change log, the first two words are "Orange Box", lol
  • <!--quoteo(post=165354:date=Aug 25 2009, 04:34 PM:name=Hei
  • I like the floaty pickups, because since when did chicken lie on battlefields? Making it less realistic made it more feasible in my opinion
  • Do keg blasts utterly destroy shields?
  • Haha, I love the weapon glow! Awesome
  • Could I have one related to a bear a forest and a a fire, with my name somewhere? I'm amazed at all you've done so far!
    in Signatures Comment by Jervan July 2009
  • Not the best first post mate Welcome to the forums, remember to read the dates at the top of the last post
    in Arena map Comment by Jervan July 2009
  • Does parrying counter attacks work?
  • Can't say I'm not skeptical about such a radical change but I everything definetely sounds awesome Having the game be playable from the start is probably good since most gamers are casual (since there are so many other brilliant games out there, fe…
  • Totally know what you mean Crazy, I just finished exams and all through them I had beta testing groups (mainly AoC :\) moaning at me So yeah, take your time and keep your priorities as they are They're definitely right.
  • Even if the Berserker is wondering if he's dead and gone to Valhalla, that doesn't mean he can't also wonder about why it looks so familiar You're arguing about nothing
  • QUOTE (notoorjus @ Apr 30 2009, 02:01 PM) » If you want feedback on your art then this is absolutely not the right place. Conceptart.org for you. It's primarily a thread to show off PVK stuff, the feedback was just to keep it going until I finish …
  • QUOTE (Vedröflnir @ Apr 29 2009, 07:13 PM) » We just want to laugh sometimes too. But that's hard when you let us see a comic about some inside jokes I didn't make it to entertain the forums, I might do something later which would. Right now I ju…
  • QUOTE (tehsux @ Apr 28 2009, 10:37 PM) » What about something that makes sense, that could be a good start, eh? Does anyone actually read my posts? I clearly said they're inside jokes that we made for each other (ie, Adam and Michael fighting over…
  • Paint.NET. Anyways, I started drawing a comic involving me and some of my friends during English. After the first page it looks like this: It's based on a joke we had at lunch, involving Gavin's (fail) gamer-like leadership ideas to rob the bank…
  • QUOTE (notoorjus @ Apr 27 2009, 06:34 PM) » No no no, those are screenshots with photoshop filters applied to them. They do not look nice and are not your work. I like the model though. I said quick edits of the coolest screenshot i could find I t…
  • Guess I won't be yelling RAGE anymore VALHALLAAA!
    in enRAGE[√] Comment by Jervan April 2009
  • The reason Budgen is targeted so much is no-one likes him, not because he is "one of the best".
  • QUOTE (Knight @ Apr 13 2009, 03:16 PM) » I sense an unbalance in the fork... oh wait it's the 2.3 game... Gestir will be blow away by the new pirates wich will probably make the pirates the best team in the game...but, the gestir looks awesome so …
  • It's back!
    in Vote Here! Comment by Jervan April 2009
  • Voted. Good luck to all four mappers!
    in Vote Here! Comment by Jervan April 2009