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  • I agree you have to have your priorities, any chance of the team expanding to pick up the slack so to speak?
  • People ask because last time it took this long to make a new class we got 3.
  • How long would it take to release without the gestir? If its only a week or 2, you might consider doing that, so you have the first small patch lined up a month from now, then maybe get into the rythym.
  • Progress is awesome! The new desert ruin however.... well its better then the current one horray!
  • what will come first, 2.3 or Duke Nukem Forever? Duke has videos atleast.
  • Even though I know it takes beta testing, revision, coding, and tons of work, I still get impatient waiting on one of crazytalk's finely crafted news posts.
  • one month later...
  • Whats the name of that map that is dm on the side of a cliff with ruins all over? Its the one where you can slide down to the bottom of the cliff because the map wasn't made right...
  • The old concept drawings were better, they just need to be toned down a little. The sniper pirate looks like a high schooler cosplaying a pirate glorified (he doesn't even have a beard and looks like he came from the pirate gap), that isn't a good s…
  • I concur with the flail. The only reason to give him the halberd is so he can pp two handers, just let the mace and buckler fill that role. Then there is one less weapon to animate and everything is awesome.
  • jesus h christ! Two posts on the front page in a month! Somebody slap me, and 2.1 to boot.
  • There isn't anything in the read me about perfect parry or shield tweaks, does this mean basic combat remails roughly unchanged?
  • Great job, is this one of the maps we can look forward to in 2.1? Also are you or any other team members working on porting some of the other maps from pvk1?
  • QUOTE (Blade @ May 25 2008, 04:05 PM) » He didnt kill me with it. What you call an exploit(the jumping, what has been with us since 1.0), we dont. I have been with you since 1.1, and I can't believe you haven't fixed that yet. Who can jump when …
  • It's only exploiting if you kill an admin. The jump back thing (an exploit) isn't an exploit because an admin was using it against other players. Eveyone get it now?
  • Will we have any news before its done or will I check the website 2 years from now and holy shit there it is?
  • Are there any plans for more then one type of "grail", maybe the holy grail will buff hp and regen, and you could have another, say, the philosophers stone that could boost attack and damage etc.