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  • QUOTE (Rapid-Fire @ Jul 6 2008, 07:47 PM) » Imagine that. EV3's pancake brigade vs the Hospitallers? Would go something like this. '' Forge goes in for the kill! OH AND THE PANCAKE SUICIDES! Oh the horror, wait nevermind folks the others have rejo…
  • That new map looks awesome. The nature really caught my eyes.
  • Oh, i tought this map project was dead. But it's nice to see that it's still going forward. Can't wait for it Btw nice dinosaur. No restaurant is a restaurant without a dinosaur.
  • You were not the only one that became CSS addicted Siegfried-S. CSS is the most populate game in KTH right now. As suggested before, KTH should be a CSS clan too. Even if the game sucks imo.
  • - Check if you have the latest version of PVKII (2.0). - Reinstall the game
    in Can't play Comment by TobbeN May 2008
  • A tip, don't play on Teamplay.de.
  • Pvkii with wc3 mod, wow. But then i think it would need alot of changes so it would work with pvkii. I think also some spells would need to be changed so it would get balanced.
  • I have the same thing/problem, it wont start up for me either. It only happens when i make maps for pvk. So i most go to pvk start up a own server with it. Its easy to create your own, its just push the create server button and choose your map. If t…
  • Banjo boys maps are great, this new map looks fun. And you can't really compare your map to a surf map Zac. Surf maps arent meant to look like a masterpeice. Downloading the map right now.
    in surf_clouds Comment by TobbeN April 2008
  • QUOTE (Dharma_and_Greg#1fan @ Apr 14 2008, 08:21 AM) » Even if it were possible to get 30+ people on a PVK2 server it would still ruin the gameplay experience :shakes head: Yeah. And the maps arent really made for that amount of people.
    in 32 Players? Comment by TobbeN April 2008
  • It was probably a keg.
  • she couldnt eat donuts, but that didn't stop her from..
  • This map sounds promising, a really great objective idea you came up with. Hows it going with the zeppelin, is it done yet? Would be awesome to see some screenshots of it.
  • Chilly you sneaky bastard. Now i can't check my whole stats.
  • I knew it, just another april joke!
  • QUOTE (brueckenpenner @ Apr 1 2008, 06:16 PM) » you should give the one wearing the holy grail some kind of holy aura that sourrounds the player It gives a bonus to nearby players attribute, read topic.
  • Your're right, the racing map doesnt really need a dragon. Even if it would spice up the gameplay on it. Race games/maps are popular and combined with pvk would make anyone wanna play it. It looks great, so i suggest you release it.
  • This map looks really unique and good. Great work guys! Can't wait to play it. The dragon looks awesome. But what about the other dragon map? Don't know what its name is but it appears in the cubical studio movie Jahhur the Dragon. Isn't that ma…
  • The new updates looks promsing, can't wait for the realese of 2.1. The new layout on the site looks great, now the site doesnt look like a travel agency site anymore. I hope its not a first april joke.
  • Great comic. You're good at this, so i suggest that you should continue with this great work.
  • Just keep the player limit as low as possible, the game isnt made for many players and trust me its more enjoyable with less people. 15 players is a good limit.
    in 32 Players? Comment by TobbeN March 2008
  • Funny to play surf once again. Havent played it for ages, so im a bit rusty. Yeah i got alot of suicides. The surf_space was great. Maybe not the pvk medieval enviroment but it was great with something new as the space. The gravity change buttons …
    in surf_space Comment by TobbeN March 2008
  • This is a comic. Draw that Siegfried-S you lazybones.
  • You just take the invisiblety texture, thats all. Texture name: tools/toolsinvisible
  • Nice idea but that pic looks really messy.
    in skyfight Comment by TobbeN March 2008