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  • "just noticed someone is already doing the Danish version, just ignore this post"
  • QUOTE (L4tenius @ Sep 22 2009, 01:27 PM) » Oh my god, I can't wait..........everything I wanna do is making maps to PVKII because no-other game is as interesting as PVK. We need the 2.3! Did some1 say that after 2.3 you are announcing these updat…
  • QUOTE (L4tenius @ Sep 19 2009, 10:23 PM) » Goddamnit you ruined my hope ZinuX! Yep, this unpredictablity is a real killer
  • QUOTE (skenvo @ Sep 18 2009, 07:21 AM) » Im totally makin the new loading screen my desktop Already did " border="0" alt="laugh.gif" /> You know, even though some of us have waited for so long (and I know I have ) it makes it all the more …
  • That was fast
  • There's like one hour left, right? Is 12:01 pm (-5 GMT) like 00:01 OR 12:01 in non am/pm units? Sorry if the question is a bit silly.
  • Oh, got a quick question: When you say thursday, do you mean thursday afternoon US time? Kinda screws us Europeans over a bit, but hey, I have vacation the following week xD And again, thank you so much for this awesome mod, I haven't even played …
  • OH HAPPY DAY! Thanks team xD EDIT: Oh yeah, GREAT TIMING MAN! Got a week off the week after release! Oh the joy of living in Denmark and having "Winter-vacation" xD YOU ROCK! FUCK YEAH! EDIT2: ALL IS FORGIVEN! HAIL TO THE TEAM OF MIGHTY AWESOMEN…
  • But it's all good...
  • QUOTE (PeWR @ Aug 17 2007, 04:33 PM) » Will weight of the weapon have any say in how effective your block is? This has been tested, making so the skirmisher swords block against the hk bigsword would take alot of damage, and personally I didn't li…
  • About blocking: Will weight of the weapon have any say in how effective your block is? I.E. skirmisher sword vs a heavy knight twohanded sword. Will all weapons have the same "block-rate"? (The berserker's block with his twohanded axe is a bit slo…